Sandy Church News

Last Weeks News – We had a great time last week in Bible school.  According to Kim Humbyrd, Director, there were 22 kids.  The teachers were Patty Siler and Jenin Humbyrd in Nursery, Rhonda Dobbs and Ashton Crum with Pre-schoolers, Peggy Miller and Dawnya McFarlin with Middlers and Connie Johnson with the teens.  Juanita Menzies and Judy Wilson did supper each evening, Frances Humbyrd did crafts and Pastor Neal did chapel time, which he enjoyed so much.  We appreciate all who helped.  As well as, our grill cooks, Clay McFarlin and Aaron Humbyrd, who also was the sound man for music, which the kids loved.  We also appreciate Jerry and Debbie Pitts for the pizza they brought to all on Thursday evening.

Sunday we began with prayer by Danny Johnson with Doyle Humbyrd filling in for Brad Siler, the Sunday school superintendent.

Happy anniversary was sung to Harold and Juanita Menzies who are celebrating 52 years.

Danny Johnson and Kevin Hodges received our Lord’s tithes and offerings with LeaAnn Crum at the piano.  Testimonies were shared and Danny Johnson led us in God’s Amazing Grace.  LeaAnn and Erin Crum sang.

Pastor Neal prayed and read from Luke 18, the story of the blind beggar who heard Jesus was coming by and cried out, “Jesus, have mercy on me”.  This is a cry we all need to cry often.

At 6 p.m. was the Bible School program in which the kids shared what they had learned, which was enjoyed by many.  The Comer brothers sang for us.  It was the first time in a long time they had sang together.  Glad they came to sing for us again.

This Weeks News – With Doyle Humbyrd filling in for Brad Siler, he shared about the goodness of the Lord.  Prayer requests were given and Kim Humbyrd prayed this prayer.

After Sunday school, Danny Johnson gave a testimony and sang.

Pastor Neal read from Luke 19, the story of Zacchaeus.  The salvation story of Zacchaeus was personal, humbling and immediate.  He made haste, came down and received him joyfully.

Brother Rick Crum dismissed in prayer.

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. is special prayer meeting and each Wednesday at 7 p.m. is Bible study.

Pastor Neal will be preaching at the Community Church at Powersite on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 7 p.m.