Rock Chapel Church

July 22- Recent Prayer requests:  Pat Moore, Sharon Renfrow, Velma Gray family, Bernice Peterson’s nephew, Roy Mallernee family, Norman and Phyllis Virtue’s daughter, Debbie; Joyce Deeds, Johnny Hicks, Shelby Housley, Jennifer Alexander, Ezra Entriken (Ken Harris’ grandson), Vicki Thompson, Stan Nehr, Sue Hefner, Jack Lawler, Jerry Lee, Imogene Williams, Sue Lathrom, Betty Miller, Max Yarber, and Darrell Price. Sandy Housley has a birthday on the 19th.  Upcoming Events:  Missions Conference in Mtn. Grove Church on August 11 and Ladies Conference in Hartville on August 18.

Sunday evening:  Congregation songs were sung. Specials by Tammi Housley and Helen Batten- with the congregation joining in.  Another special by Rick and Helen Batten. Tonight’s scripture lesson by Bro. Rick Batten came from Mark 6: 32-37.  Bro. Rick thanked Bro. Everett Jenkins for opening up God’s Storehouse 5 years ago.  He opened it to feed hungry people, but he also offers scripture to anyone wanting to listen.  Bro. Rick went last Wednesday and gave scripture from Mark 6.  Bro. Rick stated, “My goal tonight is to “See Jesus”, even though he is in Heaven on the right hand side of God.  In the Scripture, Jesus was very tired, and he was trying to go to the desert to a private place.  People followed him-Bro. Rick envisioned the multitude on land running along the shore, while Jesus was on the water in a ship.  The people had a need.  They were hungry.  Some were probably old, others had children, etc.  When the ship was docked, Jesus saw the multitude of people.  He actually looked into their individual faces, and he saw their needs.  The multitude did not have a Shepherd, and they were seeking someone to guide them.  People in the world today are also seeking and desiring something for their lives.  They have needs just like in Jesus’ day.  Bro. Rick said that we should be like Jesus.  A physical ministry is very important.  We need to provide food, clothes, and other needs for the people around us.  We are to labor and earn money so we can use the funds to help others.  ‘We can actually see Jesus through our deeds of helping others’.  He used Tony Serghides as an example.  He said many in our community help others every day, but Tony is a good example of someone who helps others all the time.  Bro. Rick mentioned that he has many things that he needed, because Bro. Tony was willing to share with him, like he does with so many others in the community.  Once a person is saved and give their heart to the Lord, they are filled with compassion for others.  We can all “See Jesus” in acts and deeds done by people in the church.  Those that love and worship Jesus will be willing to share a little time, a little money, a little happiness, and always be willing to help others”.  Questions:  Please call Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or 417-250-0918/ Shelby Housley at 746-4743/ or Shelby Moore at 746-4751.  VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.  Visit Rock Chapel on Highway E approx. 9 miles north of Norwood School anytime.