Rainbow Ridge News

Tommy Roberts visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson recently. Tom and Jewell are able to live in their home largely because of the support of their sons and the rest of the family. They thank God  for their good family.

Pete and Anna Goos of Lee’s Summit and their granddaughter, Juhi Goos, of New Jersey, had lunch and visited with Norma, Dan and Alan Stillings last Wednesday. They spent time with Carl and Mary Goss and other members of Pete’s family, also.

Norma Stillings and her friend, Bobbye Priddy were “Givers of Snacks” at Bethany Baptist Church Vacation Bible School last week. That made them very popular. They were partial to Twinkie the Rabbit, who brought an amazing group of friends to VBS reportedly from Farmer Jim’s garden. If the kids had as much fun as Norma and Bobbye, they had a great time.

Billy Fletcher called to say that Buddy Everett’s name was left off the list of persons reported last week who had attended his baptism. I apologize to both Billy and Buddy. Billy gave me the name, I wrote it down when I took the telephone call, but I failed to get it in my article.

Billy’s Aunt Jean Daugherty visited with him, Friday. Rickey and Shirley Fletcher, and Macey Fletcher and friend, Terry, visited with Billy, Sunday. C.M. and Nadine Letsinger visited Billy, Sunday evening.