Rainbow Ridge News

Billy Fletcher called the other evening. He wanted tell that he had been baptized, June 24. He said that he had been saved for a long time, but for several reasons had not been baptized. He had come under conviction about it, so much so, that his friend Edgar Stewart noticed it. Edgar finally asked Billy what the trouble was and Billy told him. One of the things that bothered Billy was that he could not get up the steps into the baptistery at the church. So Edgar and Mike Freeman put their heads together. There had to be a way. So on Sunday evening, June 24; Billy was baptized at the Ava pool. Edgar Stewart, Tanner Pinckney assisted Mike Freeman and several members of his family, his Sunday school class, and friends were there to support Billy.

Some of those attending Billy’s baptizing were Carl and Joan Fletcher of Bois D’arc, Jean Daugherty, Denny and Barbara Whittaker, Janet Davis, Wendell and Linda Daugherty, George and Donna Dale, Mabel Everett, Edgar and Sharon Stewart, Jennie Lynn, Linda Wilson, Dennis Fritz, Evelyn Eagan and Billy’s neighbor Wanda Lily.

Wendell and Linda Daugherty had visited Billy Saturday and fixed his phone. We had not been able to contact him to get news lately.

The Stillings family had a get-to-gather June 30 at the home of Norma Stillings to celebrate Debra’s birthday. Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Stanley Stillings of Squires, Alan Stillings of Ava, joined Norma Stillings and Dan Stillings to eat home-made pizza, salads, and desserts. Making homemade pizza from scratch is a long time tradition with the Stillings.

Last week before the rains came; Chalmer Hendricks of Riverbank, California called to visit. He had heard how dry it was here in Missouri and he remembered an extreme drought back in the 30’s when they had hauled water for a long distance to have water for the cows. I heard my mother talk about the drought of the thirties. I am thankful that we had such a good rain here and hope that is the start of better conditions here.