Quad Cities

7-11-12. It seems like I write a lot of the same things over and over, but I try to come up with new things when I can.

We were back in the Quad Cities again yesterday as we often are. Frank (Dee) met us at Silvis Wal-Mart and him and Walt (Bob) got to see each other long enough for a hug and a few words. Then Walt was off to get a haircut and run his other errands. I had a bagful of movies to give Dee. I’ve got so many I just can’t keep them all. I just can’t keep all of anything I’ve got. I’ll blame the auctions for me having so many movies too. I used to get them for $1.00 for a big boxful. There’s a lot of good movies in there, but I’ll never watch them all whether they’re good or not. I’ve got a few television shows I watch at night, but it’s hard to find anything we like anymore except for just a very few of the old timers. I was sorry to learn of the death of Andy Griffith. He was one of a kind and good at everything he did. I think everyone liked him. Dee stayed in Wal-Mart and pushed my cart for me while I shopped. Then Robert (Rob) Allison sent me a message and asked where I was, so he met us over there. He had got a missed called and dialed the number and they said it was one of the hospitals so he called that hospitals and they couldn’t find where anyone had called him. so he remembered we were supposed to be in town and was afraid his dad might be in the hospital. He met Dee and me and Dee stayed and talked to Rob awhile then went home. Rob and me sat on a bench and talked until Walt came back and they got to visit for awhile. Rob and Sharon had forgotten they were supposed to meet us at Hy-Vee and Sharon went to get her hair braided. Rob said it would take seven hours and Rob had to go help his friend, Jim, move something. So we went on up to Hy-Vee and ate lunch and headed for the farm. This corn sure does look good out here. But its sad to see on television how most of the crops have failed due to the heat and no rain. Walt talked by phone to his sister, Hazel, in Monroe City, Missouri and she said it was the same there. This morning Walt was outside and saw the young horse, Jewel, standing in the road eating corn at the edge of the cornfield. Then she came back this way and we tried to put her back in the pasture, but she wouldn’t let us. Then she came to the front yard and was on the other side of the garage and I could see her tail, and her shadow, but was afraid she’d go back to the corn so  I called the landlady and the horse had went back to the corn so I kept her out of it until the landlord came. He called her and she went right to him and let him put a rope around her neck and put her right back in the pasture. Walt has something to mail so I guess I’ll get this ready to take to the mailbox when he goes, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.