Quad Cities

7-9-12 Well, what does a person write about when there’s nothing to write about? Except the heat and dry weather, but almost everyone is going through that. Sadly enough the crops are really taking a beating. It’s too late for most of them even if they do get rain. I think all the heat and dryness has the roots baked. We were lucky here to get the big rain of just under five inches last month, then after that, one that was around two inches of rain. So this corn looks good, really tall, thick and green, but it’s making silk with little ears so I don’t know if it’s too late for it or not. We got some relief yesterday with temperatures in the low to mid eighties. I hadn’t been outside for about four days and Walt had just been out long enough to go get the mail and take care of the critters. He went outside yesterday morning and came back in and said it was really nice out there, so I said, “I’m going out.” I hurried and got dressed and stepped out into crisp cool air and I told him it felt like a drink of water from a cold deep well on a hot day. I remember how good that used to be. Now I get water from a deep well, but it sits in a holding tank in the basement so it’s not the same. I remember when I used to draw it from a deep well with a rope and a bucket on it. It did taste good, because it was so deep it was really heavy and I was puny and was all I could do to draw it up and I had to do that for the laundry and everything and I had a baby girl. That was some more of the “Good Old Days.” Some parts of them were good and some not so good. Yesterday morning we walked a few laps around the yard while it was so nice and cool. Then came in and ate breakfast. We’ve got a big oblong glass casserole dish outside under the tree where the feeders are and Walt keeps fresh water in it and the birds walk around in the water and get drinks and the coons lay the upper part of their bodies in it while they drink. They really enjoy it. The mother coon had all her babies out there with her last night just as it was getting dark. It sure is cute to watch them. This hot weather is making me tired and sleepy even though I’m inside where it’s cool most of the time. I sure do feel for the people who don’t have air conditioners and the ones with their power off right now. I guess Lisa and Joe’s pool is getting a good workout during the hot weather. I called Anita one day when it was so hot to check on her and she said she had been swimming. It’s only 17 miles south of here to Muscatine, but they’ve been getting hotter than us. One day the heat index was 122 degrees and it’s been in the teens at least and about every day. We plan to go to the Cities tomorrow for our monthly trek and try to see a few people while we’re there. I guess I better get this ready to mail before it gets too hot on Walt and “Old Risky.” He might buck Walt off if it gets any hotter. So try to stay cool, drink plenty of water, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.