Quad Cities

6-25-12. Well, hello there. Here it is a nice, bright sunshiny day. A little breezy, but that’s okay. We were blessed with a wonderful thunderstorm early Saturday morning that left us with just under five inches of rain, 4.8″. we really, really needed it. That was a blessing to the farmers. Some of their crops were starting to fail. I hope the rain is not too late for them. The field in front of my house looks good, but I don’t know how much longer it would have if we hadn’t got the rain when we did. The road was full of water and up into the yard quite a ways. The first time it’s been that way for a long time.

Royce Reed called me one day to let me know he got the articles from the Douglas County Herald I sent him. The one of the Champion School kids where he and his sister were both in there and some more Champion news items, pictures of my son, Jeff, and some more things. He said they enjoyed reading the articles so much that he signed up to get the paper online and started getting it right away. So that’s good. We were talking about different things and it turns out we both go to two different doctors in Davenport and his daughter works at one of them and helped at a third one I got to when they were just setting up office. I can’t remember if he goes to that one or not. I told him it would have been funny if we would of both been at the same one at the same time and been surprised to see each other. Oh yes, I sent him a copy of his Aunt Minnie Snoddy’s obituary. I haven’t seen her granddaughter, Joyce, who works in Wal-Mart in Tipton yet. I asked about her and they said she was still in Ava, Missouri. I have an appointment at the Tipton Clinic this morning so I’ll see if she’s back yet.

On Wednesday we took a big barbeque grill over by New Boston, Illinois where Walt’s grandson, Breck, lives. We had only used it twice and didn’t plan to use it anymore. It should be plenty big enough for his family and company too. We got to visit with Kala and the kids for a little while. Then it was back to Muscatine to do our shopping.

Anita had sent Walt a Father’s Day card with a gift card for Hy-Vee so we ate at Hy-Vee and enjoyed a really big variety of food including apple pie and other good desserts. They have a much bigger variety than the Hy-Vee in Silvis, Illinois has. Lisa was still sick so she wasn’t working where we usually eat. She has a bad cold caused from all the allergies in the air. I think it was Monday when she went into work and they sent her home and told her to wait until today to come in. I hope she’s okay now.

Daughter, Anita was off work on Thursday so we met her at the restaurant for lunch. Her dad, Trevis Twitty, met her there also, so we all had a good lunch  and a good visit. I guess Anita’s dad eats lunch there every day. He said he’s gained 20 lbs. since he started eating there and all that good food.

I think the little wrens may have some eggs in the house. The little male is guarding it all the time and this morning I saw the little female come out of it while the male was guarding it. I hope so for their sakes and I hope nothing or no one destroys their eggs this time. I feel so sorry for them. They work so hard building their nests and then the eggs get broken. They’re still putting more sticks in there sometimes. I don’t know how they can still get any more in there. This morning I looked out of the window in the door and there was the two wrens, a blue jay, male Cardinal, woodpeckers, chipmunk and other birds out there. Almost like watching a nature movie. I haven’t seen my little buddy, the ground squirrel for awhile now. I hope nothing has happened to him. He disappeared last summer too. Maybe him and the chipmunk don’t get along. I see them chasing each other, but they’re moving so fast I can’t tell if it’s two ground squirrels, two chipmunks or one of each.

I called my old buddy, Kay Day Applegate in VanCouver, one night. It was 10:00 p.m. here and 8:00 p.m. there. I guess everything is about the same with her. Her daughter was there and her son. She still hasn’t sent me any pics yet. I sure would like to see what she looks like after all these years. I’m getting ready to send her some more pics, but should hold out until she sends me some. She said she hadn’t subscribed to the Douglas County Herald yet. Kay and I always like to reminisce about all the things we did when we were teenagers in Ava, MO. Some things one of us will remember and the other one doesn’t. But it’s fun to relive the “good old days.” When you could pull up to a station and say, “Give me aa dollar’s worth of regular” and ride around all day on that.

I chatted with Frank Dee Allison by phone one day and said he got a Father’s Day card from daughter, Cheryl and husband, Bill, in Tennessee and they told him they had subscribed to the Douglas County Herald for him for Father’s Day. That was nice of them. I don’t know if he’s started getting it yet or not.

Well, as usual, the old clock on the old wall says it’s time for me to get ready to go to Tipton, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

6-28-12. First of all I want to make a correction in my last items it was printed that Frank Dee Allison had a daughter who graduated from medical school and is now a doctor. It should have said Gary and Pam White’s daughter, Jessica, graduated from medical school in St. Louis and is now a doctor. She is Bill and Cheryl White’s niece, so I guess she would be Frank Dee’s great niece.

I called Dee to see if he’d started getting the Douglas County Herald in the mail yet and he said he’d already gotten three copies. So that was fast service from the Douglas County Herald. He said his daughter, Shelly, had been to visit him and they went fishing and caught several fish including some catfish. The catfish must really be biting now as everyone who goes fishing seems to be catching them. Frank Dee said they only got about five inches of rain there where he lives in Silvis, Illinois and when I was at the clinic I asked my nurse if they got any where she lives and she said they didn’t get any at all and their corn crops are needing it bad. I hope they get some soon. It looks like the corn here has grown a foot since we got the 4.8″ of rain that day and then the sun afterwards for a few days. It’s supposed to be 97 degrees here today with heat index of 110 degrees to 115 degrees so I plan to stay in where it’s cool and feel sorry for the ones who can’t. We’re suppose to have a chance for rain the next few days. I hope it does, but afraid it won’t. We’ve been walking ten laps around the outer edge of the yard every evening when it gets shady. Tuesday we walked twelve laps and it’s a big yard. Yesterday we didn’t because of the heat, but we parked farthest away from the door at the hospital’s parking lot and then walked a long way through the hospital. Then farther down a long hall and outside to a mobile unit where I got the bone density test and of course back to the car. Then went shopping in a couple of stores and walked back and forth through the parking lots. I don’t know what we’ll do today. Maybe walk inside the house. I got such a good report at the clinic Monday and it really made me feel good. Everything was going okay. I had lost two lbs. since I was there four months ago. I thought I needed to lose more, but my doctor and nurse both told me I didn’t. My body fat was just barely over what it should be. I think she said it should be 65 and mine was 69 or something like that. It was just barely over the guideline, but okay and my A1C blood sugar was okay. July 24 I’m scheduled for a mammogram at the mobile unit that come to Tipton. Then I should be set until October, when I’ll visit the clinic for the full blood work and vision center again.

We stopped by to see if Lisa was working yesterday, and they said she had left about 20 minutes before that, so I will mail her birthday card and gift card to her.

I feel so bad about those fires out west and in Colorado Springs. They showed the “Garden of the Gods.” That’s such a special place with all big sandstone sculptures that took millions of years to form like that. I don’t know if the fires would destroy those or not. They’ve got them all named and then there’s the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with the animals spread oput on the moutain side. Well, I better get this ready to mail so Walt can get “Old Risky” out of the barn and get up to the mailbox and back before it gets too hot. I just looked at the thermometer and it’s already 92 degrees out there at 10:30 a.m.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.