Let me begin by announcing just how proud our family is of our newest addition. Our granddaughter, Jeanee recently welcomed our newest great grandson, Kolten James Inman into the world. He weighed 7 pounds and 3 1/2 ounces and is adorable. Junior and I have really enjoyed spending time with them since he came home from the hospital.

While visiting with family recently I was able to see the beautiful black and white photograph that was taken by Karrie Smith of Kindall Store. She has such a talent and it brought back a flood of memories to see it in that manner. I know that many enjoyed seeing it on facebook and we appreciate her sharing a copy with us. Thanks so much, Karrie.

If you are computer savy, I would encourage you to check out the facebook page of Chateau Charmant (the castle here in Olga). They have so many events taking place and I know that you will want to be present at some of them. I understand that the wedding event that they just hosted was a lot of fun. What a beautiful place for a fairytale wedding, if I were only young and planning one again! Seems like yesterday.

If you know of any child in Webster County who is in need of school supplies, the Elkland Independent Methodist Church is providing them free again this year. A “Back to School Bash” will be held for the entire county at the church on Elkland Road this Saturday, July 28 from 1-3 p.m. If you need additional information, please contact 468-3475. If you can, please call ahead so they can know how many to expect for this event. Michelle Slavens has worked really hard on this event and I know that several from this area were assisted last year by this special ministry.

Happy 5th anniversary to Nicholas and Sarah Inman. There was a nice reception held after church on Sunday, which was hosted by their church family. There was a large crowd of friends and family there to help celebrate, including a few members of their wedding party. Sherry Zwally made a beautiful cake that was delicious. It seems just like yesterday that they were walking down the aisle. I think they are still trying to figure out where most of their gifts came from, as when they were delivered by a friend to their home, the gifts had all been seperated from the cards and they did not know if there was just a card or gift, etc. It nearly drove them crazy trying to figure it all out and as I mentioned, most of it they never did. Oh, the memories of our wedding days! Sarah was such a beautiful bride and we were all excited to celebrate with them!

Congratulations to the young Ingalsbe daughter who won the grand champion prize in the poultry division in the Webster County Fair. Our family was honored to present the traveling trophy and we look forward to being a part of this tradition for many years to come. Edwin Roderick and his family do a terrific job with this division in the fair and I understand there were over 60 entries. Our little great granddaughter, Reagan Inman was disappointed that she was unable to enter her chicken in the fair. Therefore, her parents planned a family competition at home on Sunday evening. Sarah served as the judge and Nicholas and Reagan competed against each other. They had three categories and were scored on behavior, showmanship and they had to each give a minute speech about why their chicken should be the winner. Reagan received the best scoring and one a blue ribbon for first place. She is one proud 4 year old and poor dad, came in second place. They had so much fun and I know that Reagan was excited to see all the chickens at the real fair as well. What great summer memories for all the children involved and congratulations to everyone who won at the Webster County Fair.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Kitty Wells, the great country singer. Sure brought back many memories of the days when the neighbors in this area would get together and listen to the Grand Ole Opry each week, sometimes by hooking it to a car battery and everyone would gather around to hear the great entertainment from Nashville. She had such a great voice and those of us who enjoy old country music, note her passing with sadness. She was a special friend of our oldest grandson, who had just visited with her on the phone sometime back. They became friends when he called her years back about the Ozark Jubilee reunion that was held in Springfield and hosted by the Webster County Opry.