Oak Grove Church

We had a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School this past week with a group of marvelous children who brought joy and blessings to all who took part. Our Sunday evening service was the culmination of VBS Week and the children sang songs, recited memory verses and the teens put on a skit. We finished off the evening with a fellowship dinner and more good times.

Morning worship was opened with congregational singing and then special music by Miss Beverly McNeses and Bro. Gary Martin.

Miss Amanda Ray was home for the weekend, she and Lori are attending school at College of the Ozarks. We all miss them in our weekly services. They are a credit to our church and the community.

The morning worship service was especially good this week because Bro. Paul Pritchard, his lovely wife, Terri, and their beautiful daughter, Brittany, were with us. Bro. Paul is a missionary to the west coast of Africa, where 67 percent of the population are Muslim. When you pray, lift them up to the Lord.

Bro. Paul graciously consented to bring us a message in our morning worship service entitled, “The Ministry of Necessity.” We always enjoy his instructive, spirit-filled messages and look forward to future visits. We all need to be more aware of the needs of ministry, at home and around the world.

We had plenty of extra seats, morning and evening; I’m still looking for you to come and cover a cushion.