Oak Grove Church

I hope everyone is giving thanks to God for the blessing of rain that he has sent us and remember to ask him to continue to provide us with more much needed rain.

Our message this Lord’s Day was from Psalm 127, we focused on the children which are our heritage of the Lord, and our responsibility for their introduction to the grace of the Lord.

After morning services we prepared for an indoor picnic and game time as a Pre-Vacation Bible School kick-off. Everyone who came had a great time with food, games and visiting with friends. This week we are having Vacation Bible School, Monday through Friday, (with classes for all ages, including adults.)

I did notice your seat being unoccupied again today, and frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if you remember how to get here. Just remember the church is on the south side of 5 Highway, in the huge metropolitan city of Wasola, you can’t miss us, we’re right on the main drag. Come on, help us cover some seat cushions. God will bless you and you will bless us, it’s pretty much a win, win situation.