Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Mr. Haddock was a great postmaster and just when I got used to him he retired. Then in came this skinny boy that called himself Kirk Dooms. But I found out, that’s not his real name. So here’s a little question for my readers. Is his name, A. Butch; B. Arnold; or C. Stacy? I will tell you next week the answer. Anyway, he worked for Norwood 8 1/2 years and now he’s retiring. He has been a postmaster a total of 33-1/2 years working at Ava, Squires and Gainesville. I will miss him very much.

Harold Dodson, in 1969, bought a little piece of land right beside the school off of Joe Locke. There Harold and his wife Hazel raised their seven children. This week they laid his body over at the Retherford Cemetery. We are sorry about your loss.

Another death this week of a well-known lady was. Mrs. Velma Gray. She had been sick for a little while and her body just couldn’t go anymore. But she has a brand new body and she is with her husband Roy in the presence of their Lord. Velma had a big family and they all helped take care of her, right to the very end. To the Gray family we are sorry for your loss too.

I stopped by Donald Dabbs this week to see how he is doing and they called hospice in. I got to talk to his wife and reminisce of long ago. They too have lived in Norwood for several years. They bought the old Calhoun dentist office built in 1930, in 1972. Donald has worked on many a farm machinery and put up a lot of hay over the years. As of July 18, Don turned 81 years old. As of July 11, they had been married 61 years. But his health is fading with COPD. I am saddened to think that all of the old timers are passing away. Their ways were so much better than the ways of today.

Don’t forget to vote August 7 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Norwood Sale Barn. I believe it’s our duty to voice our opinion and our obligation. Our world is losing its morals and we have to fight for them back. Hope to see you there.

Little Payzlie Noble didn’t make it out of the hospital. She was born July 2. She was the daughter of Justin and Danica (Jarrett) Noble. Granddaughter of Robin and Aaron Jarrett. She passed away at the St. Louis Hospital.

Norwood City Hall has asked for everyone to please not burn if you don’t have to. It is so hot out there. I saw a bird picking worms up with pot holders.

What do Leon and Liz Pendergrass and Ronnie and Denise Shores have in common? Both couples are going on a cruise to Alaska. I bet they will see lots of beautiful land and many wild animals.

Fun Facts: For 21 years, Rev. C.N. Means, a Baptist minister, published a very successful newspaper in Norwood, called the Norwood Index. The remark was often made that the Index was the most newsy little paper printed in the county. Much to the regret of his many subscribers, the editor sold the paper to Mountain Grove publisher.

Challenge: If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.

If you have any news about yourself or your neighbor, give me a call at 746-1112 and I will get it in the paper.

Until next week, God bless our little town.