Mt. Tabor Church

After singing, a large number of prayer requests were taken, with some praise reports, also.

A good number came out to Heart of the Ozarks, Sunday afternoon, to help with our singing service. Brother Ric Englehardt brought a short devotion to them. We appreciate everyone who helped.

Don and Evelyn Bryan hosted a belated July 4th celebration Saturday evening with lots of food, and fellowship and a good time was had by all.

Brother Raymond Haden will be our guest speaker this Sunday.

Senior camp will be from Wednesday until Saturday at noon, this week. Mt. Tabor is to send desserts and salads on Friday.

Ben Denney has not been doing very well, but seems to be improving some at this time, our best to him.

Edythe Applelgate spent several days in the home of her sister, Chestene Lietch, last week. Others visiting with them were Carl and Kathy Coats, Dennis and Linda Turner, Carol Herd, Gina Hawkins, Sara Beth Hawkins, Marsha and Larry Miller, Kalynn Miller, and  Kenny Lietch.

Those visiting Bessie Hall this past week were J.C. and Vicky, Jewell, Kay Hutchison, Kim Clements, Jeff and Ronda Elliott and Ashley Elliott. We send good wishes to Ashley for her July 31 birthday.

Mary Ann Hathcock is to be going home today from Heart of the Ozarks. She has improved greatly since going there several days ago. Pernie Adams and Dennis visited with her there Sunday.

Clifton Hathcock, Illinois, has been here for an extended visit with Martin and his other sisters and brother. They visited Nina Carter, Monday, then drove around on roads they traveled when Clifton lived here. He says things have really changed since then.

Wayne Coy, Arkansas, visited Mae Cox, Sunday afternoon, along with Golda Dixon, Wanda Anderson, Tom and Donna Nichols, Lisa Johnson and Jesse and Jimmy Johnson. The Coys also visited Golda Dixon in Springfield.

Dylan Clements and Sarah Claussen visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchison, Tuesday evening.

Jewell Elliott and Kay Hutchison were at Piland Youth Camp last Friday and Monday, doing some fix-up work before camp starts.

Tom and Jewell Elliott visited one evening with Albert and Doris Elliott. MaKayla and Logan Elliott spent Saturday night with Tom and Jewell and MaKayla attended church with grandma, Sunday morning.

Jim and Carla Hearod vsitied Tom and Jewell Elliott Wednesday evening.