Mt. Tabor Church

After receiving a few more tenths of rain, Saturday morning, it was a great day to be in church. We appreciated our visitor and invite folks to come and be with us.

Brother Ric had a good message from a series he called, “If”, and we do realize that is a mighty big word, to be so small.

Senior Camp Piland will begin next week, so get your registration forms ready.

Mt. Tabor Church will be responsible for the Sunday afternoon service at Heart of the Ozarks, at 2 p.m. Please come and help us sing, listen or visit with the residents. Brother Ric will give a short devotion.

We sang Happy Birthday to Sister Mae Cox, Sunday, for her 86th year!

Mae had visitors over the weekend to wish her well on her birthday. They were Golda Dixon, her daughter and two grandchildren, Donna and Tom Nichols, Bill and Debbie Willis, Reagan and Zack, Lisa Johnson and Jess and Tim Hall.They enjoyed lunch, with cake and ice cream. Mae received lots of calls and cards from relatives, friends and neighbors.

Mary Ann Hathcock continues as a resident at Heart of the Ozarks, but is doing much, much better. She made a trip to Springfield, Monday, to her doctor. Martin goes daily and enjoys at least one meal with her. Several folks have stopped by to visit her and Jim, Ronda and Pat also visited at the house.

Martin and Mary Ann will be celebrating their wedding anniversary next week, if you would like to send a card their address is P.O. Box 1386.

Bessie Hall’s visitors this week were J.C. and Vicky, Jewell, Kim and Dan Clements, Kay Hutchison, Carla Wilson, Lisa Johnson and Jesse.

Those visiting with Myrl Cox this week were Norma Bogart, Doris Bonner, Connie Holobaugh, Ronnie and Pat Lansdown, Jeanne Cox, and Jess Englehardt. Myrl appreciates all the fresh garden produce her neighbors share with her. Buster Davis did some yard work for his grandmother, while Ronnie mowed and Pat did some house cleaning. Pat took Myrl for her eye doctor appointment where she received a good report.

James Elliott visited Tom and Jewell Elliott last Saturday, and Shaun and LeAnna Elliott and children visited, also.

Harlin and Shirley Hutchison and family spent Friday night with Harold and Kay, then went on to spend Saturday at Branson.

Clifford and Imogene Madewell visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday night.