Mt. Tabor Church

There has been many things happening the past few days,  celebrating freedom, and giving thanks for the things we enjoy because of those who fought and died for it and continue to serve. We are very thankful for each one who has had a part in it.

Brother Ric Englehardt brought our message this morning and he used several quotes from some famous folks and some plain ordinary people like you and me, telling us what this holiday means to everyone. He used several scriptures to tie this all together.

We were glad to have Ric and Lisa’s daughter, Allana, and husband, who is in the military in the state of Texas, with us Sunday morning. Allana sang a pretty song for us.

We have people taking advantage of the mid-week holiday to make trips to see family and have family in, also.

We continue to be concerned for Mary Ann Hathcock, while she is a patient at Cox Medical Center. She has some heart issues, which she is getting help with and also, they are doing more tests to determine any other problems she might have. She may be coming home within the next few days, if nothing else turns up, continue in prayer for her and Martin and their children. Brother Ric and Lisa Englehardt and Brother Don and Evelyn Bryan were their visitors on Saturday.

Mae Cox’s visitors this week were Donna Nichols and Lisa Johnson and Jesse.

Visitors with Bessie Hall this past week were Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, Kim Clements, and Kay Hutchison.

Jewell took Bessie for her doctor appointment in Springfield, Monday, where she received a good report.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown had their grandchildren, Jadon and Kayley, spend a few days with them last week. Ronnie and Pat returned them to their West Plains home, Sunday, accompanied by Mryl Cox.

Tom and Jewell Elliott’s visitors have been Jim and Carla Hearod, Sunday evening, James Elliott on Saturday. Tom and Jewell visited Albert and Doris Elliott, Friday night.

Harold and Kay Hutchison visited Delmar and Margaret Rosseau, Monday evening.

Several from the community attended the gatherings for food and fireworks in the area, a good time was had by all.

Kay Hutchison visited Carl and Retha Clements last Thursday morning. They have just returned from a visit in Kansas City with family.

Morgan and Dylan Clements accompanied Kay Hutchison to the celebration at Walnut Grove Church Sunday night.