Little Creek

It’s Monday morning once again. It seems like time is accelerated lately.

Sunday was a pleasant day with temperatures just right and church services were good. It was good to be back since I had missed several Sundays. The lesson was very good with Danny leading the discussion. I like the lesson better when there is input from everyone. My son, Burr, brought the message. We should stand firm on what we believe and depend on the word to be sure we are right. The main thing is to use the Bible to find any questions or answers we have and we can be sure it’s there. We must study the word of God daily.

After church Burr, Ruth and I went by Butch and Dyanna’s and on to Newt and Jo’s. They wanted to share the bountiful harvest with Newt and Jo and had prayer with Newt. He was not feeling well. Please keep them in your prayers.

Their son, Chris, was there as were Scotty, Bryan and girlfriend.

Kasey spent Sunday afternoon with me and Greg, Karen and Dylan visited awhile . Greg and family visited later with Norma and shared chicken and dumplings and other good stuff. You can always depend on the best eating at Norma’s.

Kevin visited me during the weekend as did Burr and Ruth.

Everything looks greener and refreshed after the inch and a half of rainfall.

I visited via phone with Nina and with Charlie.

Kasey has been on vacation for a week and celebrated his birthday on the 10th with a family dinner. It was Terry’s great niece’s birthday also. She was one year old and Kasey 37.

Canning season is about to wind down with the kids having several hundred jars of beautiful vegetables on the shelves. Karen is drying some of hers. Canning is so much easier than it used to be and the new canners are marvelous. I remember my Mom and Grandmother who did everything together, cold packing and hot bathing half gallon jars outside in iron kettles with a wood fire underneath. And they had a cellar full when finished. Now it’s done with air conditioning and electric stove. My how things have changed in my lifetime and I wonder what my Grandmother would think about modern ways.

I will stop, but would like to say hi to all my friends. Lorene, how are things with you? And hello to Lois Cunningham and Betty Burton. Sorry I missed your visit here Betty.

Until next week, brighten the days for those you are with and be faithful in prayer for one another.