Little Creek

How wonderful to hear rain falll last evening and when I checked my gauge this Monday morning I read one inch and the welcome relief from the high heat of the last weeks makes everyone happy.

The weather lady is promising more rain this afternoon.

I’ll try to recall news that I have failed to report.

We have been harvesting and canning. I say we because the kids let me be involved  by my giving instructions and I am real good at sitting and observing. Ruth has been on vacation and helping Burr with green beans and tomatoes. The Lord has abundantly blessed them with a productive garden. They froze many ears of corn also. Kasey has also had a good garden and has jars full for winter. He and Karen are planning a canning party here next weekend to wrap up the canning season. They do this every summer and they make sure it is on a weekend so Greg can help, which makes him happy. Last summer Nikki came, but she is starting a new job so I’m wondering. Nikki has always been involved in everything and so I’m hoping.

I’m so very thankful for the blessings God has given me, but most of all for my five kids and their families. They take good care of me and I know I am loved. And I must not forget my sisters and their families.

Burr, Ruth and I visited with Newt and Jo one evening. I enjoyed so much being with them and talking about Mom and other times. Chris was there for a few days off from work.

Darold and Ruth Evans visited with them Sunday and Darold and Newt enjoyed cornbread and milk. So you could say, they “broke bread” together.

Kelly Jo is visiting this summer with her Dad, Chris, and brothers, Bryan and Scott. She enjoyed her favorite meal of beans and cornbread with her grandparents, Newt and Jo, Sunday.

The guys barbequed for the quilting ladies Wednesday as payback for all the good country cooking they have enjoyed oever the years. They must know we all enjoy their presence and that we appreciate their efforts. We all enjoy being together in love and harmony. We miss Ruby and Carl Sievert.

Kevin and Joe with friends have been frogging the past two weekends. They are planning a fish and frog leg fry at Rick Allen’s soon.

I hadn’t talked to my sister, Jean, for a week until today. She had company. Jim’s sisters, Martha Lee and John and Luna Belle came and spent the night Sunday and were there today when I called. Rusty and Autum and Jamie and Danny had dinner with them all Sunday.

Jean reminded me that my son, Kevin, and grandson, Joseph, had dinner with them a couple of weeks ago. My kids all love their aunts and uncles and since Jean and I co-parented both batches they all have a special bond. Kevin had told me how much he enjoyed his visit and the good food.

Danny and Jamie came to Burr and Ruth’s and they all went down around the lake Sunday.

The Independence Day on the 4th was very quiet around here. Since it was too dry for fireworks it was a day of family barbeques or swimming for many.

Charlie came yesterday and we caught up on our families. Christine had been down and they had breakast so she could enjoy the plum jelly we made. I’m sure she took some home with her. He had visited with Nina and Annie. Annie had to show off her new leg braces.

And that’s all for now. God bless us all!