Saturday we received two inches of rain and the water looked good rolling down the driveway and coming down on both sides. When it does that you can say you got a good rain. I hope we get more Sunday evening.

James and I attended the Adams Reunion Saturday at Red Bank Church.  A good number attended, but I missed some that usually come. Lynn Halcomb and daughter, Shelly Parham, attended from Wichita, Kansas. Lynn lives in Council Grove, Kansas, She is going to spend a few weeks with Shelly and go to some doctor appointments. Lynn’s brother, Galen, came in from California. I had a good visit with the three and James and Debbie Lirley. James and Debbie’s daughter, Sara and family, and other family members vacationed in Florida. Debbie’s niece, Madison, is making a pretty girl. I also enjoyed visiting Alice Lirley. I enjoy her Red Bank column in the Douglas County Herald.

A lot will happen before they have another one in two years. They had lots of good food.

James visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb Monday morning. David Halcomb visited them Sunday evening.

Loren and Hazel Maggard and her daughter, Connie, and his daughter, Lisa, enjoyed a trip to Kentucky and Virginia. We are looking forward to seeing their pictures. We enjoyed Loren and Hazel’s visit before they went. Now we are going to get together to see their pictures of their trip.

Junior and Betty Halcomb visitied Lynn Halcomb and Shelly Parham at Super 8 Motel Saturday evening. Shelly’s friend, Doris and Joe Davidson, also came a little later.

I visited Linda Jadwin Monday while shopping. People who vote at Ongo have to go to Dogwood. There will probably be lots of absentees.

Gary McMurry stopped by to check our pond to clean it. We may have to wait a while. I wish for more rain.

Remember Gordon Jones, Jerry Mitchell, Shirley Jones and Cammie Guerin and Joel Blevins in your prayers. Cammie is in the hospital. Danny Herd will have surgery Friday. We have lots who are sick. We recently visited George and Shirley Jones and Gordon and Zelda Jones and family.

Joe and Sue Rozell visited Gordan and Zelda Wednesday evening after church. Zelda’s brother, Tom and wife, Fay Stevens, visited Gordan and Zelda.

Rex Halcomb visited us Saturday. He stopped by our sister, Sybil Harvill’s, and left her some tomatoes. He visited with her son, Mickey, who was there.

Bible School at Garrison Baptist Church started Monday night, July 16-20 and family night will be Sunday night. Everyone is welcome. We had 66 in attendance Sunday. Lisa Ellison sang two songs.We also had a good altar service. Sunday night was a good service as well. We visited the Gordan Jones family and he was doing much better. We are always glad to have visitors. You are always welcome at Garrison.

During Monday night Bible School we had 41 kids and 22 helpers and good food, even ice cream.

Thursday James and I visited Mike and Brenda Popovich and their neighbor, Murnia.

Brandon Morrison stopped by last week. Farmers are having a lot of trouble tending to their cattle during this bad drought.

Through the grapevine, I have heard Jerry Powell is home from the navy. We have not got to visit him yet. We see him at Grandpa Jerry Nelson’s. He put a flat bed on his pickup. Jerry Nelson and kids and grandkids are in and out. Doug Nelson visited and I saw the Marler brothers, Colton and Wyatt, won their baseball game in Miller, Missouri. Good job, boys!

Time sure is going fast. The calendar pages sure are turned quick. I always heard the older you were the faster it went. I believe it. I guess working out and going to school make the time seem slow. Half of July is gone, but I sure am ready for cooler weather.

Thank God for the rain and pray for much needed more.