The fish fry at Garrison Baptist Church was well attended. It was so hot that people thought if we would lay them on the parking lot, the fish would fry. We appreciate everyone who helped. Lots of good food was served and fellowship.

Bible School at Garrison Church starts July 16-20 at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There will be lessons, crafts and good food. Everyone welcome. Kids program will be performed on Sunday night, family night at 6:30 p.m. Contact Tammy Payne or Hailey Roberts for more information.

A week ago 77 were present at Garrison Church. We were glad to see the Delmina Woods girls and staff , who attended.

This Sunday 68 were present. We had several visitors for the baptizing. Three were baptized – one young girl, and two adults. It is always good to see people saved and baptized and real good when they have been out in the world and are changing their lives. God has been blessing our church and James with good messages. Seeing people concerned enough to use the altar blesses me. People were so thankful for the rain. We got some, but need a lot more.

Come join us at Garrison Baptist Church and enjoy old-fashioned gospel preaching and singing.

Recently I had a nice chat with Fae Pruett, call again. I miss my elderly ladies I use to talk to. Wanda Shortt left me a message that Willard’s sister, Ella’s grandson, passed away. I called her and she said she was going to the mailbox and watering the garden and to town when they had to. This was about all for them during the drought.

I talked to Shellie Marler Saturday. This was the boys last baseball game. I don’t know how they stand to play. She had canned lots of green beans. There is not a lazy bone in her body, but she is young and that is a plus.

The fire on UU Highway sure caused a stir. It spread quick. Several homes were in the path, but no one lost their homes. I heard one lost a porch on their home, but saved the house. Lots of ashes and burned leaves were in the air. We had it here at our home.

Sunday night we got four-tenths of an inch of rain. We hope for much cooler weather.

Russ Jones family and several more family members camped over the fourth of July. It was hot, but they enjoyed it.

Chris and Christy Lakey and Daniel and Wendy Crossland, Hunter and Shelby and Tim Pogue enjoyed a cookout and a few fireworks. Everyone or most everyone tried to be very carful with firewords due to such a dry time. Christy said they tried to stay cool. Christy and sister, Kathy, enjoyed a girls day at the lake with several family members and friends recently.

Pray for more rain. Count your blessings even if you don’t think you have but a few. Remember a few is better than nothing.