Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. Many people have been visiting residents this week. I guess because it is some cooler than usual.

We finished the large jigsaw puzzle which we have been working on for at least two months. We got all but the blue sky put together yesterday and it didn’t take long to do the sky. It’s a large one thousand piece puzzle and quite beautiful.

Tom Hawkins had quite a large group of listeners for his Bible study Saturday morning and in the afternoon a group of 10 or more eagerly played Pokeeno and Angie Adams was the big winner, winning three out of six games, but Danny Ousley won the coverall.

Some residents were out walking today and it wasn’t as hot because a good breeze was blowing. Ralph and Barbadeen Laughlin were our guests for breakfast Saturday morning. They have been working up their peaches and green beans as well as sweet corn.

Willene Adams finally got a group together to play pitch this afternoon. Willene and Elizabeth played Maxine and Angie. What a riot! We were teaching Elizabeth as we played. Try it sometime – the teaching – I mean! I was out walking Sunday evening as the rain clouds were coming over and as I relished the fresh breeze I prayed that showers of blessing would begin to fall as I still lingered out in the wonderful breeze until too many drops began and I sought cover inside and just as someone came out the door to escort me inside. I said I was tempting the rain to come upon us! What a blessing the rain was and it continued on into the night. I called my son’s home, west of Ava, to see if it was raining out there and heard the joyful news that it was raining and had been for a longer time than here in town. What joy to hear!

After thanking the Lord for all His blessing, we had a peaceful night of rest. I’m sure the thankfulness was expressed by many during Tom Hawkins Bible Study on Monday morning. We enjoyed a good breakfast fixed by the dietary staff followed by morning exercise.

We would like to welcome our new residents to our home, they are Sandra Anderson and Emma Hestle.

Congratulations to Velma Brooke and Marie Wilson on getting to go home this week.

God bless you from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.