Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, we have been busy around our home getting ready for our 27th Annual 4th of July Celebration.  Our Celebration of Independence Day on June 29th was a great success as far as I could tell. I will honestly say it was hot enough.  And yet, people began arriving before five o’clock and were hunting food to eat before six, so th girls began making hamburgers and hot dogs early.  People continued to come until our hill was covered.  The music was really good and added to the festiviities.  And, Oh! the the fireworks! Stupendous! We were sitting right under those beautiful aerial fountains, formations of all colors and golden-and surprise- surprise- surprise some were really Big Boomers! Shook the earth!

We appreciate all the local fire departments for helping to park cars, parking cars is neverending.   They are real heroes!   We appreciate your help during our big event.  But someone must have worked late, because on arriving outside the next morning the tents and most everything had disappeared.  It seemed impossible to me that after 10:00 p.m. and all the fireworks, and such a crowd of people- until 7:00 a.m. the next morning that it was gone!

The staff had worked so hard, and in the extreme heat, to get everything ready-and it was over and gone.  I must say we had a quiet Saturday, back on regular schedule.

Harold Bock family had him a Birthday Party in the activity room.  Some of us walked outside, in spite of the heat, but only late in the evening, then it was for a shower and bedtime.

Ruth Shelly, a new resident who is blind, was escorted out for the festivites and she enjoyed the music as much and just felt the joy of the celebration!  But she felt the need to always hold hands or touch someone.

It was a joy to see families going around enjoying the celebration and sitting all over our hill anticipation the wonderful display  of fire works.  It was so magnificent, that I don’t think a  single person was disappointed. And so it goes until another year of the 4th.

Now we must begin to prepare for our Golden Age Games in October.

On Sunday we had a good class for Sunday School and much discussion of the Bible lesson of interest to all of us.  Then a good dinner of beef tips and noodles, hot rolls and dessert followed by a wonderful visit by the Gentry Church with wonderful music and encouragement to us.

We haven’t been faithful to write our news this past month, as we recap June.   Congratulations Lorene Maloney, Bertha Matthijetz, Joan Small and Calvin Rowe on getting to go home this month.

Gloria Roininen went to Ava Place. We welcome Joan Small, Richard Hadeen, Charlotte Kloc, Paul “Bill” Walls, Marie Wilson and  Sandra Anderson to our home.  Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the families of Minnie Snoddy and Barbara Shortt, these ladies  brighten our lives with their laughter, good humor, and love for everyone. They are very, very much missed around our home.  These ladies also had very loving families, and we miss them also.

On the Sunday Church for this month is Gentry Church the 1st, Faith Rock Church the 8th, Goodhope General Baptist the 15th, Mt. Tabor Church the 22nd and 1st Southern Baptist Church on the 29th.

God Bless You From Our Home to Your Home.