Hot, hot hot and dry, lets pray we get some rain soon, of course we can’t expect cool as it’s now July. This year is over half gone.

Last Sunday Sirena and Jared Bradshaw entertained with a family birthday party for Izzy’z 6th birthday. Those attending were: Rita Bradshaw, Marie (Rita’s Mom), Ann Collins, Bertha and Dean Scherer, Ella May Daugherty, Janet Smith, Karen and Doug Fredrick, Jason and Brandy Bradshaw, Cole and Izzy. She had a “pool” party the night before for her little friends.

Ann Collins and Ella May Daughterty had a nice visit Tuesday morning with Ben and Bill Emery and also got a good haircut.

Ada Beard visited awhile one morning with Ann Collins. Ada had cataract surgry on one eye this past week and its doing fine.

Extending my deepest sympathy to the family of Mary Graham and Billy Giles, he and I went to high school together. Also to Jay Causey on the loss of his brother.

Heard the Vanzant Picnic is to be the 13th and 14th of this month. Hope the weather cools a bit.

Bertha and Dean Scherer went to the birthday party for Esther Wrinkles Saturday at the Community Building at Vanzant.

Get well wishes to Sue Upshaw, think she is still in the hospital due to a fall.

The only July birthdays I know of are Olivia Daugherty on the 10th (I think) and Ada Beard, don’t know exactly the day.

Until next time, keep cool and God Bless. Maybe we’ll get some showers this week.