Fourth Sunday Singing

The regular Fourth Sunday Singing was held at Gentry Church on 07/22/12 from 2-4 pm. The welcome was given by emcee, Sybil Gheer. Brother Bob Huskey annointed Linda Prest with oil and ask all attending to join in with a prayer of healing as he gave the opening. There were 16 congregational songs that were sung in praise to our Lord and Savior. All preachers were asked to stand so they could be recognized. The seven ministers attending were Bro. Lee Hampton and Bro. Joe (Cub) Lafferty of Breedon Baptist Church, Sister Betty Hesterlee from Faith Rock, Bro. Bob Huskey who visits and helps other churches, Sister Pauline Welker from Gentry who came in later after the offical recogniztion, Bro. Marvin Loftin from Mt. Calvary and Bro. Josh Strong from Sweden. Nine churches were represented as follows: Breedon, Church of the Living God, Faith Rock, Gentry, Goodhope General Baptist, Mt. Calvary, Murray, Oak Grove of Wasola and Sweden. The total attendance was 48 people.

The vote for the next Fourth Sunday Singing which will be held on 08/26/12 is to go to Breedon Church with 15 votes; barely out numbering the other interested church of Faith Rock with 12 votes. All singers and listerners are always welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Instrumentalists participating were pianists: Sybil Gheer (Murray), Susie Sisco (Breedon), Bro. Josh Strong (Sweden), and Joann Welker (Gentry). Guitar: Bro. Joe (Cub) Lafferty (Breedon), Danny Lee (Breedon), and Bro. Bob Husky (Gentry most of the time). Strumsticks: Bro. Bob Huskey, Syblil Gheer and Danny Lee.

Special singing began with the hosting church Gentry singing. Narvil Tetrick and Janice Young sang with Narvil doing a beautiful recitation as Joann Welker accompanied them on the piano. Charlotte Reiche and Bro. Bob Huskey sang a duet as Bro. Bob played his guitar. The next specials came from Breedon Church singing. The Breedon Quartet Bro. Joe (Cub) Lafferty, Ronnie Thomas, Susie Sisco and Clara Lafferty sang. Wilma Hampton asked Sybil Gheer to join her in singing and Susie Sisco followed doing a solo. Susie was Breedon’s pianist. Faith Rock Church sang  and Lena Hutchison followed with singing with Susie Sisco accompanying at the piano. Bro. Marvin Loftin from Mt. Calvary sang accompanied by Bro. Josh Strong from Sweden on the piano. Sharon Preston of Oak Grove sang without accompanying instruments. Sharon was followed by Linda Prest singing also without instruments.

The preachers provided the final special music singing accompanied by Bro. Josh Strong. An announcement is made that the Fifth Sunday Singing will be at the new Dogwood Church of the Nazarene on highway 14 ( a few miles west of the old church building) starting at 6:00 p.m. Food and fellowship will follow and all are invited. Sister Wilma Hampton has not been able to attend for several months due to an extended illness. Wilma and husband, Bro. Lee Hampton, gave thanks to all of the prayers for her recovery and we all clapped after her testimony thanking God for His healing to allow her to be back. The singing was dismissed in payer by Sister Wilma.