Faith Rock Church

Our tent revival is now over, but the good spirit that was there is still with us. I went every night and enjoyed all 9 nights of it. We had a different personministering every night and wish all churches would have come and been there to hear the good word of God with us.

It has been so hot that I was thinking we wouldn’t be able to stand the heat, but there came a good breeze through there every night, except the last night, but we enjoyed the message anyway.

We missed our pastor Sunday. Sis. Loretta had a family reunion and she spent one day in the emergency room and is taking a well-deserved short vacation. We were glad to have Sis. Betty Hesterlee preach Sunday morning and Sis. Debbie McHaffie preached Sunday night. Sis. Lena Hutchison sang a special as did Ariel Conrad and Bro. Honeycutt. We appreciate Sis. Carol Carson playing the piano, as she usually plays the organ. Bro. Ross Martin plays the mandolin and he wasn’t there Sunday. He’s having a very hard time getting around, but helped all he could at the revival.

We had two birthdays this month that I remember, Ashley McHAffie was the 17 during the 1st week of July and Sis. Janel Mitche had a birthday last week and we wish them both a happy year ahead. I can’t even begin to name those having birthdays in August because there are so many.

This being Tuesday we are quilting some. We’ve made three quilts for people who married this year and we are making one now for couple who married in June. Wishing them all much happiness together.

I go twice a week to MOCH Wellness Center and we had a very nice group this morning. I am thankful for the insurance under Medicare that pays for it. We are starting a third class on Friday. I hope to start some walking also when it cools down outside. I’m not very motiviated to go outside in the heat. We do have a chance for scattered showers this week.

I suppose everyone knows of the shooting in the theatre at Aurora, Colorado. What a sad thing that our families are not safe anywhere they go. Pray for our nation and our elections next month.