Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello to everyone from all of us here on our mountain. We are like you, hot and dry. I got an e-mail from a friend asking for a combined effort for prayer for rain for our land. Not just any rain, but a good ground soaking rain. God says where two or three gather together He will hear their plea. We as God’s people should always be of one mind and praying for the same thing. The number one prayer is that our nation returns to believing and trusting God and that our leaders turn to Him to help make decisions for our country.

We had several gone from church Sunday; I hope they know how much they were missed. Darrell and Tammy had some family members with them. We were glad to have them. Jon and Grace led the youth in a special song. Bud, Jon and Irene sang two songs. Several gathered around the altar to pray at the end of our service.

We have been talking Vacation Bible School. It will start Monday night. I think we have some workers lined out, but we can always use more. That is a hint for you and you to come and help us out. We also encourage lots of kids to come and join us to learn about God and have lots of fun.

Roger and I have been very busy the last few weeks. I know, what is new about that? We had a family reunion and lots of family in this meant time spent doing lots of visiting and even a trip to Branson. I got to see several family members I hadn’t seen in a while. After the reunion, I got a call from my nephew from California. He was here and wanting to meet some of his family. Off we went again, I took him to the nursing home to surprise my mother. I think it was a good surprise. This was my sister’s grandson. We also took him out to eat along with Shawn, Miranda, and the kids. The next night we all met up at Howard and Phyllis’. Now on top of all this I also have made lots of jars of salsa. God has blessed us with lots of tomatoes, and we are making good use of them.

I need to wish Happy Birthday to my grandson, Braxton, daughter-in-law, Tina, and to a little boy at church Clayton. We just call him back Jack, after his grandmother. To anyone else who had a birthday, I hope God gave you a great day to celebrate your special day.

If you need somewhere to go worship God you are always welcome at our church. Just remember wherever you are God does want to hear from you.