Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It has been such a blessed weekend. We have received rain two days in a row. It’s amazing how different even the air smells after a good shower of rain. I know our garden enjoyed a good drink of rain. We had already harvested our corn, but still have other vegetables in the garden. Garden fresh always taste so much better then out of the grocery store. We went up to my brothers Saturday, and he even has fresh peaches off of his tree. Boy were they good eating.

I’m behind on our news, as usual, we had a women’s Bible study last week. Not too many showed up, but we got a few things done. We also enjoyed Alice’s peanut brittle. I brought a piece home for Roger and he really enjoyed it.

Last week we had our 4th of July celebration at church. We didn’t set off any fireworks. We had a good singing, ate lots of good food, homemade ice cream (thanks to Larry) and played games while we had lots of visiting. I think everyone had a good time.

This week at church, we had a special visitor at church. She gave us a little talk about the home she works at for women and kids that need help from addiction and abuse. That is our next youth benefit. To hear her testimony about serving God, we know this is a good home for people in need.

Sunday, Shawn, Miranda, Braxton and Alexis came out and ate lunch with us. We tried to go out and play on the slide and swings, but it was just about too hot. My oldest son is having a birthday this week, so if he reads this Happy Birthday, Dustin.

I know this is kind of short (for me) but it’s off to work I go. Have a great week and remember to give God praise for the wonderful rain He gave us. Take care .