Dogwood Ramblings

I am SO sick and tired of all the junk mail purporting to be surveys, etc. and each one asking for donations for this and that, mostly political entities….to investigate this or that, to support this group or that group as they aspire to correct some problem…again, mostly political.  And, there is no way to find out how these funds are being used, no accountability.  Those who put out these requests are very talented in word usage and how to get one’s dander up about various problems.  For all we know, the funds are actually used for situations we’d rather not support or going into the pockets of a few manipulators.  This is why I prefer to donate to my church, to local needs, to Catholic Relief Services (which audits show as the very best way to help others), and to the Salvation Army, which is well known for their assistance and those funds are mostly used locally.

When Willie Boeddeker returned from Korea and was offloading from a ship in the San Francisco area, there were two groups, one at each of the two ramps.  The American Red Cross was there, charging for coffee and donuts.  The Salvation Army was there offering free coffee and donuts, although many of our military gave them donations.  After my home burned in 2001 I received a voucher from the American Red Cross but it was extremely limited for purchases.  I needed clothing and underwear and shoes, desperately as well as a toothbrush, etc.  The Salvation Army provided me with funds for those.  Back in the 1970’s the CEO of the American Red Cross was the highest paid CEO in this country.  That has to tell you something.  Following the fire and loss of everything, many churches in this area gathered funds for Duke and me and with that we were able to get back on our feet a bit.  The Schrable family offered their second home for us to live in and Davis Auto had me into a new vehicle in two days.  Of course, I had quite a battle with the property insurance people (a battle I won).  There are helpful people out there, especially in the Dogwood area.

Some few areas received up to 2 and 3” of rain.  First, here at Dogwood we only received 1/4th inch.  Then on Saturday morning, we received 1.1” of rain.  I guess I should look on the bright side as I certainly haven’t had to mow.  Again I ask you to continue to pray for rain.  If all of us join in prayer surely we shall be heard.

“When one acts on pity against justice, it is the good whom one punishes for the sake of the evil; when one saves the guilty from punishment, it is the innocent whom one forces to suffer.  There is no escape from justice, nothing can be unearned and unpaid for in the universe, neither in matter nor in spirit–and if the guilty do not pay, then the innocent have to pay.” – Ayn Rand 

I had a nice but short visit with Ivan and Dena Lawson over the weekend.  A nice visit by phone with my sister, and she sounded stronger, is able to get out of bed by herself and begins radiation Monday.  Also had wonderful phone visits with my best friend Carole and with my friend John, both in California.  Rex and I spent a few hours in Springfield on Saturday and lunched at Golden Corral (overate again!), and the thought of supper was just that, a thought.

Be well, pray for rain, and pray for this nation.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church from the desk of Jamey Herd: The church is gearing up to have VBS the first week of August. Joan Workman and I spent some time Saturday going through ideas for decorating. The theme this year is Amazing Wonders and airplanes is part of the lessons. Joan put up Styrofoam planes around the front and some are hanging from the lights. More decorating will be done next week. This will be a 3 day event held in the evening. Leveta has lots of activities planned. I will report more on this next week.

It has been an unusual couple of weeks around here. On July 7 we had a tornado wind hit here and it destroyed part of our hay barn. It also did damage to the storage building when a very large and old cedar tree fell on it and went through the roof in two places. There was damage in a number of places around the area. We hardly got any moisture out it though. We did get some rain this Friday, July 13, but it had some hail with it. We had about 6/10th but Joan Workman reports she got over an inch. The hail may have blocked our gauge from giving a correct report.

On Saturday while taking some things over to the old farm house, I stepped on a limb blown down from the storm and it caused my ankle to turn and I fell. Today (Sunday) we decided maybe the ankle needed to be x-rayed. Thankfully it isn’t broken just badly sprained but I can’t walk on it. I am using crutches to get around for the time being. I did make it to church this morning and managed to hobble to the piano and back.

I heard from Joanne Lupton this week and she and Kenneth are coming home for her family reunion at Ava. We are looking forward to getting together with them while they are here.

Till next time God Bless.