Dogwood Ramblings

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”  -Leo F. Buscaglia

The hummingbirds seemed to arrive later this year, and fewer in number.  However, Tuesday evening as I sat on the porch, about a dozen hummers came, flitting around, dive-bombing each other, fighting to get at the sugar water.  Many were obviously this year’s hatchlings.  While this was going on a young squirrel was seeking sunflower seeds under the other bird feeders, just inches away from two doves doing the same thing.  Usually the squirrels are much more active in the mornings.  Some of them are pretty good at straddling the bird feeders.  The doves rarely go to the bird feeders, just scrounge around underneath them.  Not very many fireflies this year, perhaps because of the drought!

Ron Boeddeker was driving home with his daughter, Reanna, when they saw a black bear not far from my house.  Ron guesstimated the weight to be around 750# and said it was a beauty.

The drought!  It is really getting bad out there.  Some ponds are down to muck and mud.  The livestock have started on the leaves of trees and many have been hauled off to sale barns.  If we all pray, fervently, perhaps rain will be sent our way.

Wednesday evening a special prayer hour was held at St. Leo’s.  The main purpose was for us to unite in prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and for individual action to stop the government from forcing Christians to submit to the immoral actions being foisted on us as part of the healthcare fiasco.  I, for one, do not want to be forced to pay for abortions, abortifacients, etc. that go against my Christian morals.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court has astonishingly upheld the thousands of pages of ObamaCare signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama in 2010 despite that the majority of Americans are AGAINST the health care overhaul that puts the government’s nose right into your medical care and will push the American economy over the cliff!  The Supreme Court’s ruling upholding ObamaCare, one of the most egregious and patently unconstitutional pieces of legislation in our time, means that our (We the People’s) continued presence on the front lines will be more important than ever as we and other like-minded constitutionalists seek the law’s repeal. Rather than concede defeat, we must regroup and press on to re-establish Liberty and Rule of Law. We shall all suffer indignities, including the forced death of the elderly and severely disabled.  This will call for taxes that shall break the back of this nation.  You must speak up to Congress!  This is just another step for us to become a socialist nation.

Take care of yourselves and your neighbors.  Pray for rain.

PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH from the desk of Jamey Herd: A really nice Independence Day program was presented by the Children’s Church this morning with the children leading the congregation in some patriotic songs. Then the Clay Scott family presented the rest of the hour in music. Clay and his wife Kathy along with twin boys put on a wonderful program of songs. After the music Pastor Carl gave a short devotional. Church was dismissed to enjoy a carry in lunch. There was lots of good food and desserts to enjoy.

Has it been hot enough for you? So far the hottest we have registered was 106.8 degrees. I have mainly stayed in out of the heat. I did have to drive to the Branson airport one day to pick up our daughter, Janice and family. They had been to Georgia on vacation. They were in some of the rain from the hurricane while in Savannah but did get to go in the ocean one day. My grandchildren had only been to the gulf of Mexico so this was their first experience of being to the ocean.  I wish they could have brought some of the rain back with them.

It is getting very serious for farmers due to this drought. The grass is burnt up and the least spark from anything, mowing, cigarettes will set off a wild fire. I hope anyone putting off fireworks will take extreme care. We are feeding hay and hope the water holds out till we get some rain.

Until next week stay cool God Bless.