Caney Church

Caney Church came together Wednesday eve, for the first time in 5 weeks.  Youth camp is over, but everyone that went was blessed.

Brother Bill Austin, was our leader this week. He began by taking prayer requests and praise reports.  Brother Jeff Shipley led in prayer.  Pastor Bill read, Ephesians 2:8-16 and Acts 10:1-4.  God gives peace when we pray.  He notices when we try to do our best and live by His words.  God will bless us when we abide by His words.

We had a very interesting discussion of God’s Word.  Everyone made good thoughts and scripture.  Sunday school opened with singing.

Caney Church met with heavy hearts.  We lost a fine man from our church.  Mr. Versil Withrow was a real blessing to our church.

Brother Jack Essary, welcomed everyone.  He took prayer requests and praise reports.  We have many concerns; lost, bereaved, sick, VBS.  It is good to know, God loves us and answers for our good.  We were also saddened to hear, Vanessa Mills and family, lost their loved one, Willie Sloan.  Jack read Psalms 37:27-34, for our devotion.  Testimonies were: Sharon Withrow, Jeff Shipley, Melba Austin, Hi Lambeth and Jack Essary.  Praise worship began with singing. Pastor Bill Austin, brought his thought from Psalms 90:9.  Life is very short, even at it’s longest.  There is a sin punishing God. Accept the Lord today.  Make preparation for your eternal life. Live for Christ while you’re here.  Service ended with singing. This service was in memory of Brother Versil Withrow.

Sunday we began with congregational singing.  Brother Hi Lambeth took charge of the service.  He took prayer requests.  Brother Jack Essary led us in prayer.  Testimony was from Bill Austin.  Brother Jim Lafferty was the speaker.  Sunday eve, Amos 6:1-5, Habakok 2:1-3 and I Peter 4:4-7, were the scriptures he brought his message from.  We go through our services in the habit or way we always do, forgetting that God should be a part of our service.  We should never be at ease in our service to the Lord.  Stand and watch, Christ will return!  Love others enough to witness to them.