Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle

Floaters fishing our local rivers are catching bass and an occasional walleye on the Rebel Crawdad. Green, brown or red plastic crawdads are all working. Early in the morning and again at dusk the Zara Spook Puppy in either clear or white are producing some good top water action. The water is usually colder in the rivers and the bite lasts longer than on the lake.

Both Bull and Norfork have been producing quite a few bass at night. In addition to the plastic worm and jig, saltcraws are starting to work.  The 5-inch Biffle craw fished alone or as a jig trailer presents a large bait that many bass cannot seem to resist.  The 6-inch Hawg Craw is also working and usually only the bigger bass take these on.

Spooning for walleye is very effective this time of year. The Binks spoon or the War Eagle spoons both work well. Most anglers use either the half ounce or the 7/8 oz. War Eagle has several new colors that both walleye and bass will hit. The Dixee Jet and the Pixee Spoon are casting spoons and both work well on suspended fish.  The Pixee Spoon is fairly new to the area but seems to be working very well.

It is a little early but drop shotting will start soon.  This is a great way to catch suspended bass. Three to five inch worms, crawdads, or minnow like baits all work. Drop shotting requires the use of a Palamar knot and if you do not know how to tie these stop by the shop and we will be happy to show you.

Good fishing and stay safe!