Ava Senior Center

The American Cancer Society recommends women over 50 should have a clinical breast exam every year and men over 50 should talk to their physician about the pros and cons of prostate testing and testicular screening.  Men and women are encouraged to conduct monthly self-exams.

There’s no doubt about it; using tobacco and being exposed to tobacco smoke increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other major illnesses.  If you smoke, keep track of when and why you light up.  Be aware of the situations and places and try to avoid those triggers.  Find out what distracts you when you want a cigarette and do something to redirect your attention.  Try eating carrots, sunflower seeds, apple sections, celery or chewing sugar-free gum.  Keep your hands busy with a pencil, pen or paper clip.  Knowledge is power, so learn and live.

Our menu for this week includes:  Monday, July 9—Chicken salad on lettuce, three-bean salad, chips, cake.  Tuesday, July 10—Sweet and sour pork, rice, egg roll, Oriental vegetables, cookie.  Wednesday, July 11—Bone-in chicken, baked potato, mixed vegetables, pudding.  Thursday, July 12—Club croissant, broccoli soup, crackers, fruit.  Friday, July 13—Fish, cheesy potatoes, hush puppies, fruit.

The activities at the Center include:  Monday–OATS bus to Goodhope and Ava.  Tuesday—OATS bus to adjoining county.  Wednesday—Pinochle tournament, OATS bus to Ava.  Thursday—Driver’s exam in the basement, Access Home Health blood pressure clinic 10:30.  Friday—OATS bus to Ava.

We appreciate the garden fresh cucumbers, squash and zucchini and the blackberries and I forgot to mention the rhubarb earlier in the season.

Until next week, have a good one!