Ava Assembly of God

What a great day we had to come together to worship our Lord and Saviour. As we sang Amazing Grace I was once again reminded of how big the grace of God is towards us. He saved a wretch like me and gave me eternal life.

Pastor Buddy brought us the message today from Acts 11 -1 -18 The message this morning was about being willing to change. Peter was willing to change to bring the message of Christ to the Gentiles. God’s grace extends to everyone. He is not willing that anyone should perish without Him. In verse 18 of Acts 11 it was the turning point for the early church it was no longer just a church for them, but a church for everyone. There will be a price to pay to see the church grow, we will have to get out of our comfort zone and be willing to change some of our ways of doing things. There is certain things we shoudn’t change as far as the Word of God, the blood of Christ, but we are not to draw lines where Christ never intended lines to be drawn. He came to seek and save the ones that were lost and we are to do the same. Allow God to change your ideas of how you think things should be and be open to God’s direction. Don’t let yourself get caught in a rut just doing the same things over and over. A rut is just a grave with both ends knocked out. We can lay in it and still see light at both ends and everything that is happening around us and life is passing us by as we just lay in the rut. Be willing to let God change your routine in life and in church so you can reach people for Christ. Do we care more about the eternal destiny of people or just being in our comfort zone, are you willing to try  something new to reach people for Christ? God wants to shake us up from complacency  and to stretch you from your comfort zone. It was a message that made you stop and think about what you could do. Pastor Buddy brought a good message to us as usual.

I would like to send my appreciation to Brother Emery and Sister Denise Tuttle for doing the breakfast downstairs between the services on Sunday morning, they do a great job serving people. If you don’t have a home church we would love to have you come visit us. Services are at 8:30 and 11:00, Sunday morning Sunday school for all ages at 10:00, Sunday night services at 6:00, Wednesday night Bible study and prayer at 7:00.

Thought for the week; The seven last words of the church; ( We never did it  that way before.)