7-1-12 – I left Sunday after church and went to Vernal and Ellen Blakey’s to be up there for Ellen’s Dad, Bill Vaughn’s visitation that evening. Mark and Sherry Blakey and James and Kristie Blakey was there and I stayed up there to go to the funeral the next day and Monica Reemes came to that.

Violet Blakey took me to Springfield to get my stitches out on the 26th and when we got to her home I drove on home, but I stopped by Bessie Hall’s and visited with her.

Kendra brought Lakota up the 28th with some cucumbers and I showed her how to can them and she did a good job. She canned 13 quarts and 1 pint. Mark brought me some eggs that day. I took some egss in the next day and got my haircut.

Saturday afternoon Ruby Smith, Cathy Cornett and daughter, Kayla, and Hellen Blakey all went to Ozark to the Stained Glass Theatre where we met Monica and her group of friends and watched “Living With Syle. After it was over I got in the car with Monica and we drove down to where Johnathan Blakey and Annie Perryman was to be married and Ruby, Cathy and Kayla came back to Ava.

The wedding was beautiful and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Tom and Mary Martha Williams and Marie Dickey went to Kimberling City Saturday night to their O.E.S. meeting.

Lets keep our sick folks in our prayers because there are lots out there and there will be two who will be operated on this coming Tuesday.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all that have lost a loved one.

Lets pray for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.

7-8-12 – I talked with Bonnie Phipps and she was doing fine. She didn’t have any news. She has just been staying in out of the heat.

Last Monday after the funeral was over we all went back to Deloris Vaughn’s home where we all ate our dinner.

I went by Donna Fleetwood’s last Tuesday for a while before I went to the hospital where Marsha Blakey was being operated on and Doris Elliott was too, but I didn’t get to see her, but I did see Albert and Carla and her husband while I was waiting for Marsha to go to a room I went up and visited with Mary Ann Hathcock and family.

Marsha and Doris came through their operations just fine and they both got to come home on Wednesday.

Vernal, Ellen and I went over to Deloris’s Wednesday and we ate 4th of July dinner with her and John and Bubba, then that night Vernal, Ellen and I went down to the Shepherd of the Hills and watched the play and then they honored the Veterans and there were lots of them that stood up. After that they shot off the fireworks and they were pretty. I came home Thursday, but I stopped by the hospital and saw Mary Ann and a little six-month old girl who is in a coma, then I came to Ozark and stopped by my niece, Brenda’s, to see how she was and when my sister, Margaret Allen, her mother, was going to move down with her. I then came to Ava and stopped by John and Jo Stephens to get my mail and they had supper ready so I ate with them before coming on home. Jo’s sister, Juanita, was there visiting.

Mark dropped my eggs off Thursday so Friday I took them to the girls in town and did some grocery shopping.

Saturday I got one-tenth of an inch of rain in my rain gauge and guess what Sunday it really rained when I got home from church Sunday night at 7:10 I had 1.8 of an inch of rain in my gauge and four-tenths more by midnight.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Mary Cox. I didn’t know she was in the hospital or I would have stopped by her room too.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers because they all need it.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Vaughn and the Cox families and all the other who have lost a loved one.

Keep our leaders and the men and the women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.