All Around Bradleyville

I hope I speak for everyone in the Bradleyville area when I say we are so thankful for all the firefighters and others that fought the wildfires in the area the past week. It was such an unbearably hot, dangerous job and they did their job and were successful in containing two separate fires, one north of Bradleyville near Martin Road and the other one south of Bradleyville on Glade Top with no loss of life or houses.

We are also so thankful for the good rains we received on Sunday which we hope doused any remaining fire. We got over an inch here at our house. I still don’t have the rain gauge put up so it’s just an estimate from what we see in the buckets we have sitting out.

On another thought, my beans were growing pretty good, but the dogs insist that I made those beds for a cool spot for them to lay and keep digging them out. I have run them out of the beds and put more dirt in, planted more beans, and run the dogs out again and again. They are stubborn animals, but they have met their match. I think I am more stubborn than they are. After the last time they dug them up, Bob and I fixed up a fence around the beans with some old woven wire fence we used to have for tomato cages. So far, so good.

Our sympathy goes out to Mrs. Helen Maggard and the rest of the family and friends of Burl Maggard, who passed away last Saturday, July 7. Burl was a pillar of New Mansion Church, was the Postmaster at Bradleyville for several years, and has always been involved in the community and touched many, many lives with his life and testimony. Burl was known far and wide for his beautiful singing voice and always sang the bass part at church, and if you were ever blessed to hear him sing you know what I am talking about. He was one of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Our sympathy also goes out to Sue Jenkins and the rest of the family of Bill Jenkins who passed away last Friday night, July 6 after a long hard fought battle with cancer. Bill was a man who knew how to do just about anything. He was always interested in some activity or hobby. He was Grandpa Bill to two of my grandkids and I know they are going to miss him very much.

Our son, David will be arriving for a two week visit this Saturday. His graduating class of 2002 will be having their ten year reunion while he is here.

Birthdays for the coming week include: July 12: Hannah Howie; July 13: Josh Adams, Harley Guerin; July 14: Ginger Harmon; July 15: Phillip Day, Cindy Todd, Jarett Yeary; July 16: Ron Clark, L.T. Collins, Richard Gott, Jan Robertson, David Robertson, David Rogers, Richard Stoecker; July 17: Alexis Combs; July 18: Rhonda Grigg, Robbie Harmon.

Anniversaries: July 12: Joe and Melissa McCleary; July 13: Vic and Deanna Badovinatz; July 14: Vernon and Barbara Fuller; July 16: Junior and Peggy Hicks; July 17: Larry and Donna Blair.