Dara Strong came down to her mother’s home, Ella Faye Mitchell. They drove to the Bethel Cemetery, at McClurg, to decorate graves.  Other family members there were; Barbara Ellison, Gary, Connie Mitchell, Howard Mitchell, Ernest, Howard Dean, Bailey Strong, Mike, Diana Comstock, Ashlyn Mitchell, Danny, Connie, Skylar Hill, Norman, Sharon Rush, Linda Combs, Randall and Becky Cummings.  Danny Hill had the preaching service later.  Hi Lambert conducted the cemetery business meeting, then everyone had dinner and enjoyed visiting with family.  Howard Mitchell got to visit with his cousin Ross Mitchell and wife Roxie, at the cemetery.  Terry and Cory Rush came late.  Howard and Ella Faye, visited Lloyd and Cindy Beaty and Ted and Linda Bischoff. Ella Faye visited in Ralph and Dana Brazeal’s home.