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Tecusmeh/ Lilly Ridge

We would welcome a good rain as all vegetation is needing moisture to survive the long, dry spell. Gardeners are fortunate to have water holding out to water their vegetables.

Jimmy and Hilda Simpson attended his school reunion in Mountain Home Saturday. They went out to eat with Johnny and Betty Simpson. Robert Boraman and wife, Imajo (Friend), spent Friday night with Jimmy and Hilda.

Hilda and brother, Gene Carter, attended church Sunday night at the Y Church where Randy Dalton preached.

I am ready for better luck to come my way as last week I was out of water due to lightening strike early Monday morning ruining my deep well pump. Having a drilling and pump man come to my rescue we got a new pump installed Wednesday and working.

Keith and Katrina Davis and Jaycee and Dana Taylor visited here Monday. Keith and Katrina have purchased a home toward West Plains.

The Friendly Neighbors Club had their June Picnic at the Rocky Ridge home of Joe and Diane Easterday Thursday evening. Those attending were Edith McKinnon, Maxine Smith, Lynn and Tom Bentele, Bob and Lily Branco, Ed and Karen Davis, Ted and Katie Hoverson, Anna Marie Richardson and husband and Melvin Taylor, Alice Hurley, Zoe Ann and Randy Sally and Sharon Garcia.

Best wishes to Macel Jefferson for his recovery from surgery. Also to my son, Marlyn Pitcock who had heart surgery Thursday morning in Skaggs Hospital. Kris Lubbert and I visited him Thursday afternoon, also his nephew, Larry Davis, who came by the hospital after his work day in the Branson area.

Many thanks to Robert Arnett for the good vegetables from his garden Friday.

The Lilly Ridge Cemetery committee meeting was held Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. Present were Wayman and Carol King, Ida Mae Huse, Anna Larson, Leslie Hicks, Linnie Ingram, Marv Looney, Raymond Pace, Leslie and Judy Crawford, Valeta Crawford and Ernestine Gaddy. We lost our good committee chairman, Joe Gaddy, January 21st of this year. Bids were considered for the cemetery caretakers position and George Dixon was low bidder for the job. He is filling graves which had been neglected for many years and badly needed.

Best wishes to Marylou (Crawford) Fife of Mammoth who had heart surgery, and wishes for a quick recovery.

I appreciate Leonard Barnett for sharing some of his cows milk with me Sunday night.

I had the misfortune of my well pump quitting and I attributed the outage to the electrical storm in early hours of June 4th, but it didn’t work that way with the repair workers. Sometimes a person can’t win for losing.

Gainesville Chapter 432 OES met Monday evening. There will be one more meeting June 25th, before the summer months of July and August when we omit meeting, then back to work September 10ty.

Best wishes to all the sick folks and “hello” to those who keep reading our local columns each week.

Note: Monday morning, it is raining as I mail these news.

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