The lack of moisture is getting serious and a good rain would be appreciated. Through the years the rain showers were always needed in the heat of the summer, and water was a concern because many people only had cisterns instead of drilled wells, depending on rain to fill them. Good drilled wells are really a luxury and life-saving.

In 1912 Missouri lead every state for producing poultry since 1910, so eggs and chickens for food have been, and still are, a favorite, according to history of the past 100 years. They probably ran a close race with pork!

The family of Earle White has our sympathy. He was born at Lilly Ridge and was buried there Sunday afternoon in the cemetery, after living near his daughter for several years with wife, Vada.

Those who like to catch frogs and enjoy frog legs for food, can legally catch them at sunset on June 30th until October 31st. At this time I am surprised they aren’t “croaking” for rain.

Congratulations to Dale and Barbara Roberts on their 50th anniversary to be celebrated at Lilly Ridge Church the afternoon of June 30th.

My children are hosting a birthday party for me at the Masonic Hall basement in town the same afternoon, so maybe friends can drop by for both celebrations.

I had a phone conversation with Geneva King, at Hollister, Sunday afternoon. She had her 96th birthday last January 28th. Her son, David, and she live alone, and their church friends keep them in good dishes of food often. David keeps things in good shape about the home with the help of some hired workers. Son, Jim, lives on his farm and comes by often, to and from his work in Urgent Care facility in the medical field.

Gardeners are having to do extra watering these hot days. Fresh vegetables are good to have, but need plent of water to produce.

Eastern Star Chapter meets this Monday evening then goes dark for July and August, and goes back September in Gainesville

A Happy Birthday wish to Helen Conardy on Saturday, June 30th and others who are celebrating June birthdays. Happy 44th Anniversary wishes to Wayman and Carol King, June 22nd. Jeff and Janice Hogan had an anniversary, Harry Davidson had a June birthday on the 4th, reaching 82 years.

Harry and Loretta had their great-granddaughters, Samantha Harris and 7 month old baby, Olivia, from Springfield visiting them Saturday.

Best wishes to Ernestine Gaddy’s sister, Carolyn Walters in Baxter Hospital.

Sam and Donna Weaver and Paralee Rea attended the International Rainbow Assembly for girls in Springfield Sunday.

Also they along with Bob and Betty Arnett, attended the Mt. Zion Lodge at West Plains Saturday, where John Boltz was installed as Worshipful Master.

Many thanks to next door gardener, Shane Pendergrass, who supplied daughter, Kris, and me with some delicious green beans, cucumbers, radishes and peppers, Sunday evening.

A thought – Did “Payola” start when the first kid gave their teacher an apple?”