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We have about 3 weeks of spring left, by the calendar, as summer begins June 20th, and it has been a very dry season.

Dean and Dorothy Davis, from Lawrence, KS. Visited relatives and friends at Udall and Bakersfield this past week and left Thursday morning. The visited Dave and Karen Davis Wednesday. Also Tara Miller and boys, Gabe and Jayden, had supper with her grandparents Wednesday evening.

Congratulations to all graduates. Best wishes to my great-neice, Kimberly Rose Moody, a graduate of Bakersfield High School.

Sylvia Carson visited me Friday while in the area from North Perkin, IL, with daughters, Theresa and Jennifer. They were decorating their father Richards’ grave, and others, for Memorial Day weekend, and visiting relatives.

As hot weather approaches the value of the shade trees increases. Throughout history, trees and mankind have been inseparable. The forest is man’s most wonderful gift from nature. They convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen, they break down the monotony of the highways, and muffle traffic sounds, and renew the human spirit.

The Tecumseh VFD will be serving a Father’s Day dinner Saturday June 2nd at 5:30 PM. The menus sound interesting.

I’m not seeing as many hummingbirds as I usually do, and only one or two come at a time, so far.

James White, from Springfield, visited Maxine Smith Saturday, and on Sunday Norine Loftis with daughter, Twila and friend Judy, visited Maxine

While decorating graves Monday at Lilly Ridge daughter Kris and I got to visit with Jori Miller,  Rex, Janice and Shasta Blisard, who are also there with Memorial flowers.

Visiting Dustin and Stephanie Tackitt Saturday were Eric and Lisa Goettler and children from Mtn. Home, Nikki Denton and husband from Lakeview, Kimberly and friend, along with Warren and Neoma Moody. They enjoyed a barbecue and evening meal together.

Doug, Karen and Austin Livingston visited Mearl and Beulah Satterfield Monday

Best wishes to Dennis and Amy Galyardt who have been ill at their home in Loveland CO

We received good rain showers early Tuesday morning that were welcome. Lanell and  Roger Long along with Lanell’s son Rex Lewis and family enjoyed a fish fry the past weekend. Rex had caught the fish, and they were fresh not frozen

Sue and Wayne Cobb accompanied Roger and Lanell Long in a weeklong visit to Texas. Also the Longs spent the weekend in Arkansas

Mike King and wife spend Memorial weekend in Missouri and visited with his mother Stella King. They attended church Sunday at Lilly Ridge. They live in Oklahoma

Edith McKinnon accompanied Elda Edwards and husband to the botanical garden last Wednesday. A tour and picnic lunch with the guided tram tour at the Ozark Co. Heritage Garden Club in Springfield was enjoyed. The guide for them was the designer of the gardens.

A thought to ponder “People can be lonely when they build walls instead of bridges.”

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