Sunday morning service began with a group of musicians playing a selection of songs. Brother Roberts then took prayer requests and had prayer.

After  a few congregational songs, Tillie Fowler sang a beautiful special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Hebrews 2:1-4, “Our Great Salvation.”

Sunday night was our singing. We enjoyed lots of instrumentals and special songs.

This Sunday evening, July 1st, Walnut Grove Church will host a Community Celebration which will include food, music, games for the kids of all ages and FIREWORKS. Bring your lawn chairs and join us for a fun evening.

On Monday night, July 2nd, is Ladies night at Ruby Garden in Ava.

This week Delmar has been really busy just trying to keep his garden from  burning up in this dry heat.

We attended a memorial for a cousin on Saturday.

On Monday we took Norman Rosseau to Springfield for  two doctors appointments. Everything is doing good after his surgery.

The CT scan I had on my lung turned out to be unchanged and I don’t have to go back for any more follow-up tests. Praise the Lord.

We continue to try to sell our place so we can move into town.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she seems to be doing a lot better. Uncle Hugh is still about the same.

My mamma, Nora Hunsaker, is doing a lot better after coming home from the hospital.

On Monday afternoon, Delmar and I delivered a new set of mattresses to my mom in Mansfield. She said that was only the 2nd new set she has ever had….about time I think as she is 88 yrs. old.

My nephew, Noah Deatherage and friend CR, from Selma, Alabama,  have been visiting this week with family in Ava and Mansfield. Noah took his niece, Corie Deatherage, home with him for a month and will be bringing her back the last of July.

Until next week just be sure you can say, It Is Well.