Red Bank Church

What a difference a day can make.  Monday morning I stepped out on my porch and the air was so hot and still that it took my breath away.  I turned and stepped right back into the house under some air conditioning.  This morning, Tuesday, I stepped outside on the porch and a wonderful cool breeze passed across my face.  I immediately sat down and enjoyed my usual cup of coffee outside.  This seemed like a good time to visit with my Lord, so I did.

I wasn’t feeling well Sunday morning and didn’t get to attend church.  In fact, I ended up going to the Mercy Emergency room to get checked out.  I’m doing fine now.  Jerry and Tattie Maggard taught my class for me.  I appreciate that young couple so much.  They are wonderful.  I understand that because neither Gary nor Jake was in attendance to lead the music, Maxine Lirley stepped forward to help out and lead the morning hymns. God always has someone ready to fill in a needed service.  We thank Maxine for being so willing to use her talent and her strength to serve the Lord.  She said that she told everyone that she used to lead the singing quite a bit and appreciated everyone allowing her to do it again.  Willene Adams told her that she didn’t realize her voice was still strong enough to do such a good job of leading.  Maxine said, “Well, I had a microphone to sing into, ya know.  And, that certainly helped.”  Brother Les also related that he sang, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” with a first time guest at church that day.  I forgot her name, but she came with the Marty Metcalf family.  I know everyone received a blessing from that gift of special music.

Brother Les stopped by our house on Monday to check on my well being.  He mentioned that the morning sermon was taken from Mark 2 where Jesus spent some time in a house at Capernaum and preached the Word.  While Jesus was there, four men brought to him one that was sick of the palsy.  When they found that they could not come nigh to Jesus because of the press of people around Him, they took the initiative to open up a place in the roof and let the man down so Jesus could see him.  Verse 5 says, When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the man sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee. He told the man to arise, take up his bed and go his way back into his own house. The Scripture goes on to tell us that the healed man immediately did as Jesus instructed him to do. The one most important thing that one must have when coming before the Lord with a request is to come to Him with the absolute faith that he is all able to save our souls, heal our bodies and totally change our lives forever in a way that will amaze us and the whole world around us.  Verse 12 tells us that when the man got up from his bed and went forth before them all, they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, “We never saw it on this fashion.”    Romans 5:1, Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

Accompanying our pastor on a trip to visit his uncle in Texas was his daughter, Miranda.   I understand she was anxious to visit with a cousin that also lives there.  They will be returning within this week.  We pray that they will have a safe, enjoyable trip.

I forgot to mention in last week’s article that James and Debbie Lirley, along with Debbie’s two nieces, Maddie and Abbie also attended the Lirley reunion that was held in Hutchinson, Kansas.  This was one year that all of Maxine’s children attended the reunion together.   Maddie and Abbie found out that this world can be pretty small.  They met a young man at the swimming pool where they were staying and found out that they were all there to attend family reunions.  Because their family names were so different, they never guessed that they would end up at the same reunion.  Well, needless to say, it made their visit much more enjoyable to have met someone their age that they could visit and hang out with.  I’m sure the young man was a happy camper too.

That’s all the news I have for now folks.  Take care and stay cool.