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Red Bank Church

Good day everyone.  Well maybe you have heard the term, “Going Green.”  For the past week, I have been busy cooking greens from the garden, some tame and some wild.  So far I have cooked up a lot of Beet greens, Kale greens and Lambs Quarter greens.  I mostly froze the cooked, seasoned greens for the winter months.  A lot of work, but they will taste great with a big hunk of cornbread.

Accompanying Gary and I to attend the Lirley family reunion in Hutchinson, Kansas recently was Maxine Lirley, Jeane Huff and Judy Smith.  We had a wonderful time traveling and visiting together.  The reunion was well attended.   Everyone particularly enjoyed the talent show that was presented in the afternoon.  There was a skit performed.  Several poems, readings, and jokes were shared.  Our family group sang several hymns and invited the audience to sing along.   Of course, the food is always great at reunions.   Family pictures were taken near the end of the day.  That’s always a main, important thing to accomplish at all family reunions.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  Father’s were recognized and each father received a gift.  Special gifts were presented to the oldest and youngest father present.  Eloise Hallmark did a wonderful job of making these special presentations.  She spoke of her father and how she loved to follow him around and help him with the chores.  She said he loved to have her around because she was good at keeping his tools rounded up for him.  Her father was very special to her and she loved him very much.  Like her, I loved to hang around with my father.  We would take walks together and talk.  He let me in on a lot of helpful hints for living during those walks.  He was a main strength in my life and I miss him.  But, he introduced me to the strength of his life who was the Lord Jesus Christ.  He told me that I could always depend on Jesus for help in every situation.  I do just that.

“One Size Fits All,” was the title that Brother Les gave the morning sermon. Reading Scripture from I Samuel: 17 concerning King David and Ephesians 4: 4-6.  He said, “Don’t listen to nay Sayers.  God is still man kinds all powerful, loving protector.  His protection is perfect when our burdens are too heavy to bear.”  He is willing to be every persons protector and their Lord and Master no matter who, what kind, how big, how small or how rich or poor.   Ephesians 4:5-6 states that there is, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.  One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”

Gary and I enjoyed Maxine Lirley spending a couple of days visiting in our home.   While she was here, she spent a few hours in the kitchen enjoying little cooking spree with me.  She taught me how to pickle beets for one thing.  We also cooked down the beet tops for greens.   I am proof that one is never too old to learn.  She is proof that one is never too old to teach.  She is one great lady.

Well folks.  I’m late with this article so I must get this sent.  Take care.  Love God and receive his love back.   It is the greatest love you will ever experience.

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