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Billy Fletcher went to church with his aunt, Jean Daugherty, at Ava General Baptist, May 20. After church they joined George and Donna Dale and went to Marshfield to have dinner with Dennie and Barbara Whitaker. They were celebrating Dennie’s birthday that day.

Carl and Joan Fletcher of Bois D’arc visited with Billy, Thursday evening. Donald and Paulette Fletcher of Fair Grove and their grandchildren, James and Marlee Edgemon came to attend the McGill Family Reunion, Saturday.

Billy Fletcher, Doris Holman, Carol Riggs, and Stanley Goodrich went out to Fred and Charlie Lindberg’s for supper, Sunday evening. They were celebrating Carol’s birthday.

Jean Daugherty visited with Billy Fletcher, Monday, Memorial Day.

Norma Stillings, her friend, Bobbye Priddy, and her son, Dan Stillings, attended the Veterans’ Memorial Day Service at the Ava Cemetery, Monday. Memorial Day started after the Civil War as a way to remember the men who had fallen in battle in that terrible war. As time went on it became a day to honor all the fallen of all the wars and also a time that family graves were decorated. Now it is as much a day for picnics and swimming as for anything. For some it is just another holiday in the year, but there are still people who are grateful for the sacrifice that these men made and take out time to go to the cemetery to stand for a few minutes while a song is sung, a few words are spoken, a floral spray is laid, the guns are fired into the air, and Taps is played again. There is a moment of solemn silence while we remember and then we go out to enjoy the rights and privileges that were secured for us.

Norma received word this week of the death of Tony Calvin. The Calvins lived on the farm just east of where Norma grew up. Janice, Tony, and Margaret walked the same dirt road to the Nubbin Ridge School that several families of Calvins, Rogers, Hartleys, Silveys, and Bakers had walked in years long past. Janice and Margaret had passed away a few years ago and Tony was the last of that family.

Norma also learned of the death of an older cousin, Charles Brixey. Charles lived in Moline, Illinois. Although Charles was a cousin on Norma’s father’s side of the family, her mother, Juanita (Putnam) Rogers had known that Brixey family best because she had attended one year of high school at Denlow where the Brixey Family had their home. Norma and her parents had attended many Brixey Family Reunions over the years. Charles had grown very frail, but the last time Norma saw him, he still had a nice smile.

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