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Odie Kresse visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson last week. Tom and Jewell have been blessed with good friends and a good family. Their sons and the rest of the family are really good to Tom and Jewell. When people honor their parents like that, it is a sign that the parents did their job well.

Norma Stillings made visits to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center here in Ava and Rocky Ridge in Mansfield, last week. There are a few residents in the nursing homes that do not get many visits. There are others whose family comes in almost every day. Some people have said that they do not like to visit at the nursing home, but they miss an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. When loved ones have died, I have never heard anyone say that they regret making so many visits at the nursing home. I have heard people say that they wish that they had spent more time with them.

I have enjoyed my little garden beds a lot this spring. The first thing I had was onions and asparagus, lettuce, and a few radishes. I picked gooseberries, strawberries, and now a few blackberries. I have not had a lot of any one thing. Last week I dug my garlic. I had planted eight segments in November and got that many nice fresh garlic. I also tasted kohlrabi for the first time. I did not know anything about kohlrabi. It reminded me of a turnip. I had let some of it get too big, because the large ones are pithy in the middle. I picked the first cherry tomato of the season, this week. Part of the value of a garden is the satisfaction in seeing the plants grow and of course the flavor of fresh picked vegetables and fruit.

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