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6-11-12. The time is still going by fast and I guess it always will. We had a much needed shower this morning, enough to leave a good sized puddle in the road. Everything is really dry here just like it is so many places. I don’t know what the farmers will do about their crops. The corn in the field in front of me looks good so far, it’s already past knee high. They used to use the phrase, “knee high by the 4th of July” but it’s usually way over my head by then. It’s all the fertilizers and things they use on it now.

When I talked to Royce Reed a week ago on the weekend he said he’d like to bring his granddaughter out here to the campground to fish in the Cedar River, but didn’t know if he could because he doesn’t camp here anymore. So when I took my rent to the landlady, I asked her and she said he could. So I called him the next day to tell him and he said he had called her the night before and had come out here and fished that day. They had caught some fish and were in a hurry to get them home and clean them so they didn’t have time to stop here. I’m sure glad they caught some fish and maybe they’ll have time to stop if they come back out here. I told him I’d like to get him together with my grandson and great grandson to play music and he said he doesn’t play anymore. I was sorry to hear that. I haven’t played since last summer when I sat outside in the shade and played and sang. Of course I’m not near as good as them.

Frank Dee met us at Silvis Wal-Mart last Friday and he and I visited awhile when Walt went to run his errands. We had a nice visit as usual. We talked about just almost everything under the sun. He had been helping his neighbor get ready for a graduation party for their granddaughter and putting up a big tent. I don’t guess Walt and I have anyone in our families graduating this year. Dee’s daughter that graduated from medical school in St. Louis, Missouri and is now a general pracitioner. So they have a doctor in the family now. Gary’s brother, Bill White, is married to Dee’s daughter, Cheryl.

Yesterday I called Wayne Henderson of Independence, Missouri to see how he and Pam are doing. I’m sorry to say their house was burglarized awhile back in broad daylight. They were home all day, then left at 5:45 and came back at 7:15 and that quick someone had broken into their house. They took his laptop, a gallon jar of coins and dumped the jewelry from a jewelry box into a pillow case. His Ava, Missouri High School ring was in the jewelry box too. I’m sure they probably took more, but that’s all I can think of right now. His neighbor saw someone jump over the fence so he should of checked it out. It’s such a hateful, spiteful thing when someone does that to someone else’s property. They must of seen them leave. I hope they’re caught, but they probably won’t be. He also said the copper in his air conditioning unit had been taken out twice and it cost him $1,500 each time to get it replaces. That’s so terrible. And he’s managed to hold onto his class ring since 1958 and now it’s gone. What a shame. He said he went to the Alumni Banquet in Ava, MO. this year and he was the only one there from our class. That’s a surprise as so many of our classmates still live in that area. He said our 50 year reunion will be next year and he hopes he’s not the only one there for that. Ha! If there’s anyway I can I will be there (with bells on.) Wayne said he still plays music with the band. Sounds like he keeps pretty busy with that. They play at Senior Citizens, V.F.W.’s and other places. He hasn’t been to anymore horseshoe tournaments except around close to where he lives. He didn’t go to the one in Wisconsin last year because his daughter and granddaughter were in the Joplin, Missouri tornado and he was down there helping them. It was good to talk to him again too. I also talked to Walt’s daughter, Berta, Sunday and she had been to a cookout with friends. She said she’s doing pretty good right now and she walked in the big 5k Susan Konen Race For A Cure on Saturday in the Quad Cities Area. Her daughter, Amber, ran in it. Good for them! As usual we’re getting ready to go to Tipton so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

P.S. There were 8,600 people in the Race For A Cure.

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