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6-4-12. Well here it is another new month. That seems to happen every 28-31 days. We’ve been getting some more rain that we really need. We got 2.20″ one night and a little more the next morning. I had a good weekend this past weekend. On Saturday I called Royce Reed in Davenport. I’m sure all of you at Champion, Missouri know him and I think a good share of you are related to him. He used to camp out here at the Cedar River Campground where I live next to it. But when Cindy passed away he moved their camper out. They had spent so many good weekends, out here for a lot of years and it was too hard for him to camp out here without her. I can understand that. I think they may have been camping out here before I moved here in 1976. My, how time does fly. On Saturday he was getting ready to go to a wedding reception, but we still had a nice long visit. Talking about the people from around here and the people in Missouri and how we don’t know many in the Douglas County Herald anymore. He told me his Aunt Minnie Snoddy passed away on Friday at 103 years old. I said, “Oh no, there’s a woman who works in Tipton Wal-Mart and her name is Joyce and that’s her grandmother.” And he said that’s his niece and to ask her if she remembers Uncly Roycie. He said that’s what she used to call him when she was little. I’m pretty sure she went to Ava for the funeral, but I can’t wait to see her again and ask her if she remembers Uncle Roycie. She will be surprised I’m sure. I want to send my sympathy to all of Minnie’s loved ones. Sounds like she was a great lady. I miss Royce and the other members of the Cedar River Moonlighters playing music out here. My son, Jeff, and I used to go down to the campground and play with them sometimes and they also played for the dances back when the campground still had them. Jeff played with them when he felt like it. Jeff had a big cat named Spunky. It was black and white and had the prettiest face with big blue eyes. When he heard Jeff putting the armrest onto his wheelchair he knew he was up and would run into the bedroom and jump up onto Jeff’s lap just to ride out into the livingroom. I usually kept him in the house when Jeff was playing with the band next door in the pavilion where they had the dances. Spunky got out one night, went next door to the big pavilion full of people and went up onto the stage and jumped up onto Jeff’s lap while he was playing and singing. Jeff never did say if it embarrassed him, but I always thought it probably did. I’ve always thought it was one of the cutest things I ever saw. After I talked to Royce on Saturday I called Kathy Cox (Harley’s widow) and talked to her awhile. She seems to be doing okay now. But of course she still misses Harley dearly. She said the doctors told Harley he would only live for five months on that machine that was beating for his heart, but he lived for 15 months instead. She had been to a Rhubarb Festival in Aledo, Illinois and really enjoyed it. She also joined a Bible study group and enjoys that. So I was glad to hear she was getting along okay. Of course I know from experience there will be some good days and some bad days. But I wish her mostly good days. She’s a nice lady and deserves it. I know she stood by Harley through all the bad days he hadfor 15 months. After I talked to Kathy I called Jeff and Betty Heatherly to see how they were doing and they were eating supper so I told them I would call back, but never got around to it. I will call them next weekend. Walt called his sister, Hazel, in Monroe City, Misouri. She said her son had moved from St. Louis to Columbia, Missouri I think she said he was transferred there. She spends quite a lot of the time with him now that she’s retired. He’s the only child she has and he only has one  son so she’s got one son and one grandson.

On Sunday went to Walt’s grandson, Breck’s place for a birthday party for their son, Eric, who was turning three years old. Breck is Walt’s son, Rob’s son. Breck and Kala have six kids and they’re all as cute as can be. And about the friendliest ones I ever knew. I had only seen them once before and that was before Eric was even born. The one older than him was a baby then. When they saw us turning into the driveway and were all waving and smiling and came to the car to meet us when we parked. They talked to me the whole time until the other kids came for them to play with. They live on the New Boston Road in Illinois and it’s before you get to New Boston, in a big 10 room farmhouse with plenty of room for the kids to play outside and they have a garden. Breck got a job at Hon Industry in Muscatine, Iowa making office furniture. He works 2nd shift and my son-in-law, Carl, works 1st shift there. So they probably won’t ever meet each other. Breck likes his job and said his bosses have been telling him he’s doing really good and they appreciate him. So we’re happy all the way around for them. The kids are in a really good school now without the bullying they were getting in the Rock Island school. Rob and Sharon came later on and had five of her grandkids with them and she said the youngest one was having his third birthday too. Those kids are really cute kids and good kids too. All of the kids seemed to enjoy playing together and got along good. There was another little boy there too and Breck’s landlady. I had a really nice visit with her too. She thinks her son will know someone who will want to buy my wood stove from me. We got tired and left before they got the food ready so they sent cake and other food home with us. We stopped in Muscatine and ate at the restaurant, then came home and watched the Miss U.S.A. pageant and I thought they made a good choice with Miss Rhode Island. They were all very, very pretty though. We are rested up enough to go to Tipton today so I guess I better quit this and think about getting ready. Friday Amy has the day off so we want to see her and Jackson and meet Dee at Wal-Mart and Katy said if I would let her know when I’m gonna be there she will meet me someplace too.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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