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5-29-12. Well, here goes nothing, Ha. We had a very uneventful holiday weekend and I think most of my family had to work. Anyway  they didn’t have any news for me. Robert Allison was still fishing and sent a picture on my phone of him holding a really big catfish. He didn’t say how much it weighed, just said it was a “bigun.” He and Sharon are doing good with their fishing. I’m surprised their catching anything as hot as its been. I’ve got a friend that moved to Phoenix and a lot of the time I will check the temperature in the paper for there and Portland, Oregon, which is just across the Columbia River from where Kay (Day) Applegate lives in VanCouver, Washington and on Sunday the temperature here was higher than it was in Phoenix. It was 89 degrees in Phoenix and 94 degrees here. I think that’s the day we set a record. It really got hot early this year. It got overly hot a lot of places, as you know. It was 97 degrees in Indianapolis for the race. I felt sorry for the drivers in those hot suits and the big crowd of people watching. I was kind of glad Ashley’s husband won. They must really be rich with her acting and his winning the Indy three times now and I don’t know how many other races he’s won elsewhere. They seems like a nice couple. We watched three races over the weekend. The two Nascar races and the Indy. That pretty much took up the weekend. I had to start using the air conditioner so it was nice in here when it was so hot outside. It’s supposed to cool down quite a bit and be in the 60’s a couple days.

Kathye Clark called Saturday morning and said she was going to Wilton to put flowers on her parent’sgraves and asked if we want to go to Muscatine for lunch. I told her we’d like to wait until later and go and maybe meet Anita when she’s off work. Lisa used to get Friday and Saturday off from the restaurant, but lately she’s been working everyday. So I don’t know if she would have been working or not. I sent Jared a message and asked how they liked their new home and he said they love it. I’m glad for them. It’s a lot bigger than where they lived before.

I called Frank (Dee) Allsion to see if he had any news for me and bless his heart he always comes through for me. (Don’t tell him I said anything good about him.) Ha. He’s not getting the paper right not so he may not see this. He said the storm caught him in his garage that came through Sunday. All we got was a little shower, but farther on up the line they got high wind, wind damage, hail and a lot of rain. He said for about 15 minutes he got rain, wind and pea size hail. Near there (he lives in Silvis, Il.) in Port Byron they got a lot of wind damage. I think it was mostly to trees. Some big limbs and trees were on the highway and they had to close it until the work crews could get it cleared off. I think I saw a car that was smashed on television. It was in where a lot of bog limbs and trees were down. We had a severe thunderstorm warning, but it missed us.

Back to the news Frank Dee gave me. His daughter, Cheryl, husband, Bill White and Bill’s mother, June (Bostic) Cross were up there from Tennessee for a visit. It was last week and they stayed a few days while there they had Frank’s pizza and chicken. I asked Frank if the pizza was what he made and he laughed and said, “No, it was from a place called ‘Frank’s Pizza'”. He also said that Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Heatherly were up there from Ozark, Missouri to attend the graduation of their grandson in Port Byron. While there they stayed with Jeff Heatherly and Betty.

We’re still enjoying our “pets” outside. The little gold finches are nesting now so they don’t come around here to eat. They must eat seeds off of weeds and grass while they’re nesting. I don’t know what’s going on with the little wrens who built their nest in the same birdhouse hanging on the porch. It was already full of twigs from last year, but they managed to get more in there. Looks like there’s barely enough room for them to get in and out of there. They’ve got some twigs sticking out of the hole and for a few nights one of them was sitting on the twigs sleeping. One day there was a tiny little egg on the porch under their house. It was broke and nothing in it except the egg. So I don’t know if they’ve got more eggs tthey’re sitting on or not. Lately the little male has been taking little pieces of twigs, grass or something out of the nest and dropping them on the porch. I guess they’ve decided it’s too full. I couldn’t find a door on it to clean it out last fall after they left and they hole is too little to use for that.

I got one of those big water guns at Dollar General to chase the coons out of the loft, but it didn’t shoot very far or a big stream so I’m going to take it back. In the meantime mother coon must of got the message she wasn’t wanted and moved her family out. What a relief to not hear all the commotion all night of little feet running and playing and sometimes it sounded like they would get mad and start fighting. It sounded about like when puppies do that. I’m glad I didn’t shoot ammonia up in there. The babies were innocent and couldn’t help where they were born. I saw one sticking its head over the edge and it was so cute. It was still kind of shaky on its feet. Walt’s been washing our bikes and getting them ready for us to start riding them when the weather’s agreeable. I just hope I don’t wipe out on mine and break something riding them. I’m not used to these bikes with 21 speeds where your feet can’t touch the ground. And they just feel so loose or something riding them. I’m used to the old-fashioned kind where all the power come from pedaling and your feet can touch the ground whenever they want to, but for him I’m going to try. I have to get a helmet first. So we’ll see how that turns out.

We shot archery here one day when it was nice out and it felt good to do so I reckon we’ll mosey on up to Tipton today and get a few things.

I’ll mail this there and give Walt and Ol’ Risky a break, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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