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5-21-12. We’re having beautiful weather again. I let the weekend slip away again without talking to anyone. We went to the cemetery and mowed grass one day and had nice weather for that, but I was surprised at how dry and hard the ground was. I couldn’t get all the stakes with the flowers, little solar lights, etc. out of the ground. And the ones I did get out I could hardly get them back in. The Idlewine’s had been down from the Quad Cities and brought pretty red, white and blue wreathes for their families graves and put a really pretty arrangement on Jeff’s grave. Jim’s widow and son had hung what looks like a graduation pic on the center of his wreath of their son. He’s holding a guitar and really is a nice looking young man and looks like he is a nice person too. He has Jim’s smile. I’m sure Jim is looking down at the pic and smiling too. I’m so happy he’s playing the guitar because Jeff and Jim always played and sang together. That might be Jim’s guitar he’s holding. He was just about three years old when Jim died. I think they named him Michael James. The pic I lamenated of Jeff last year and hung on his grave got ruined over the winter so I’m going to do another one and take out there before Memorial Day. One where Jeff’s holding the guitar Waylon Jennings gave him. Right now I’m working on a scheme to try to get rid of those blankety coons in the ceiling. Sounds like they’be made their way over the bathroom now and they must have their babies because it sounds like a whole herd of something up there. Last year I got them out by spraying ammonia in there and they left in a hurry. But now they’re farther back so I’ve come up with an idea that I hope will work. I’m going to Tipton and see if I can get one of those big water guns, I think they hold 37 ounces in a container 25 feet only I’m going to put ammonia in it instead of water and see if I can stink them out with that. I tried to put one of those fumigation bombs back in there, but there’s a board across the bottom of the opening where they come in and out. These animals around here aren’t afraid of us  at all. We can’t run them off. One night we were on the porch glider sitting in the dark watching the bird feeders trying to see what’s been tearing them down at night and breaking them up. Walt had to start bringing them all in at night. There was a coon came up to the big feeder then on it and was hitting the porch with a cane and trying with it’s chin on the ground and lay there looking at us. It reminded me of a dog. Then either that one or another one was out there and I tried to scare it off and it sat down and just looked at us. If I get one of those water shooters it will also be good to spray into the attic to chase the bats away. So far they haven’t been back yet this year. They usually come back and leave the same as the humming birds and they’ve been bac for awhile. Last year I put one of those bombs up in the attic and just rolled a bottle of ammonia back in there so I’m going to declare war on them too. This is the first year in the 14 years I’ve lived in the house that I haven’t seen them in the spring. I’ve been looking at night and haven’t seen any flying around. Usually the air is full of them. The little pair of wrens came back to their birdhouse on the porch again this year and even though it still had the nest from last year they carried, and carried twigs and some cotton I put on the porch for them and it looks like its clear full now. They have several of them sticking out through the hole that were too big to go in there (too long), but I guess they know what they’re doing because last night one of them slept sitting on the sticks all night so I assume they have eggs and one is on them. We’re getting so many pretty birds this year. Several times I’ve seen one of those indigo bunting finches on the finch feeders and one of those finches that are black and white with a red chest. And of course, all the regulars that we have every year. I guess Lisa is the only person we’ve talked to this week besides each other. We ate there last Wednesday and got to visit with her again. Somebody stole one of Joe’s cars out of their garage. People are getting so brave now about stealing things. A man in Davenport had a satellite dish sitting by the front of his house and was going to put it on his camper and someone stole it and the pole. They’re even stealing copper wire out of the power lines. Last year someone was stealing gravel off of a gravel road. Can you imagine stealing a road? Rob and Sharon Allison went fishing last week and Sharon caught her first fish ever, which was a three pound catfish. I would of liked to of been there when she caught it. We’ve got some pretty flowers blooming out again this year. The really pretty rose bush that I love so much has got some roses on it and some of the peonies, the hollyhocks have got buds just thick on then and will be blooming any minute. And one of the really pretty purple flowers you see along the road some years came up out here. I had one there for a few years, but it stopped blooming but now it’s back. It looks a lot like the wild sweet Williams only more purple.

Well, I guess that’s enough of my gibberish for this time. Oh I almost forgot to say I want to send my deepest sympathy to the Plumb Family on the loss of their family member, Albert.

Be sure and take care of yourselves especially over the holiday. I’ll let you know how the water gun works on the coons when I write next week.

Bye, bye for now.

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