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It has been a really busy week, as we have had company here from Georgia. It has been so much fun spending time with two of my nephews (Tommy and  Duane Berry) and niece (Sandy Berry Jones). They usually come and visit in the summer and it was nice getting caught up with them and having my kids and grandchildren over to the house to visit with them. We also spent time with them at oldest son (Jerry Inman’s home) in Dogwood. Jerry lives in the house, where my late parents Philip and Alverta Hargis resided. It brought back many memories to be gathered with family in the yard there. My late oldest sister, Veva Berry (mother of Tommy, Duane and Sandy) would have really enjoyed seeing us all together, laughing and having such a good time. They have all headed back to Georgia and now it is time to head back to our normal routines in this household.

It is so nice to see the rain arrive. I noticed that the cemetery and many of the hay fields out this way, were all turning brown. This sure has been such a strange year with the weather. At this writing, the Finley River is sure up and flowing and reminds us of just how quickly the creek can get out of its banks. Speaking of the cemetery, each of the neighborhood cemeteries (Union Chapel, Cardwell Chapel, Easter Cemetery and Dogwood) have looked so nice since decoration day. There were so many visitors to this neighborhood that weekend as folks traveled home to decorate the graves of loved ones and dear friends.

These warm summer days remind me of the days when folks from this area would all gather together for fellowship at Kindall Store, the social center of our neighborhood. There they would visit on the porch and drink ice cold coca cola from the glass bottle and many times they would come together for old-fashion ice cream socials. Many would enjoy games of croquet on the lawn of the Kindall home, across the road from the store and the kids would chase fire flies around the yard as the older folks laughed, shared stories and relaxed from a hard days work. Several of the neighborhood ladies might bring a homemade pie and a few of the men might come together for an impromptu game of horse shoes. This was the scene of many a summer evening, when the kids would return to the store from the nearby creek. Many of those faces from our childhood memories are no longer here, however, these warm summer evenings remind me of those special times together with family and friends. What I would not give for a glass of that fresh, squeezed lemonade and to be back on that porch rocking away in a chair listening to the sounds of summer around me. Those days are missed, for we seemed not to have any other cares in the world. I am glad that Kindall Store is still at the heart of our community and today you can often find neighbors gathered there enjoying time together over a game of volleyball.

I appreciated the invitation to travel to St. Louis last Friday for the dedication of the Dred and Harriet Scott statue at the old courthouse. Our family has gotten to know Dred and Harriet’s great, great granddaughter, Lynne Jackson really well as she has traveled here each year for the Marshfield Cherry Blossom Festival. I understand the ceremony and reception were so nice and I know that those who traveled from Webster County had a fun time together. Those representing our county were Elsie Myers, Mitzi Hosmer, oldest grandson, Nicholas Inman and Jewel Aulds.

Well, I had better close for now as I have left my car windows down and need to go and roll them up! God Bless you and hope to see you all out this way in the near future.

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