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Oak Grove Church

We trust you enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous Lord’s Day we were blessed with this past weekend, and hope you spent some time in the “Father’s” house thanking him for all the blessings he has given us so abundantly.

Our message this Lord’s Day was, “Examples of Fatherhood In Scripture.” We began by discussing the life of Abram/Abraham, the patriach of the children of Israel from Genesis, chapter 12, and following. We briefly touched on the high priest Eli, with his failure to properly discipline his two sons; and the results of that failure. Then on to David, the great king and “man after God’s own heart,” who as a father, left much to be desired.

Then we moved to the New Testament and the example of Joseph, the husband of Mary, who is described as a “just man,” and was entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the youthful days of our Lord. Then of course we briefly made the comparison delivered in the parable of, “The Prodigal Son,” whose father is a picture of our Heavenly Father, and a great example for us to follow.

We hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day this past week, for those of you who have never been our guests at Oak Grove, you have an open invitation, and yes, I’m still holding a seat for you.

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