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Norwood Gleaning

Howdy. How many of you readers thanked God for the rain this week? If you didn’t it is not too late. My rain gage showed about one and a half inches. A man came in the sale barn and said he was from up north and his gage showed six inches. I told him I was still thankful for what little dab we got.

Our Norwood boys made it to the final four in Springfield and I think most of the Norwood School and friends showed up. They had good weather for the games both days. On Wednesday, it was a skunked game, 10-0. But Thursday was a different story. They had a pitcher that had a heck of an arm on him. They only got two hits the whole game. But they went down fighting 11-3. I heard a man say that no one will ever remember who plays Sante Fe, they will just remember who won that day. I don’t agree, the Norwood boys will always remember that they got there and at least had a chance. The coach and team ought to still be recognized for their great efforts.

Don’t forget that June 9 will be our electric coop meeting at Norwood gym from 8 to 12, then they serve lunch. They have singing, door prizes and you get to have your vitals checked if you want to. Don’t forget the vote for who you would like to see on the Board.

Last weekend was Memorial Day. A time for family and friends to remember their loved ones and a time to get away for the weekend, but you know it was much more than that, it originally was for our deceased military. I see that people are not coming out and decorating like they used to, that used to be when everyone got together and had dinner. Now everyone’s at the lake. Hasn’t times changed?

Isn’t it funny you never know what the day has in store. Steve Raney was just driving home Sunday evening and he just happened to look over at Glenn Knapps farm and saw his tractor in the shed on fire. Glenn wasn’t home, so he got Glenn’s neighbor, David Turner to help him put the fire out which saved his shed.

The truck stop put up their new signs this week. Now it reads, Phillip 66 and they have a huge sign that shows the prices of their fuel that can be read a long way away.

I talked to Leon McIntosh this week and he is feeling great. He said he is going to have surgery soon to remove what they found in his biopsy and is going to start on Jacklynn (Barnett) Schaffer home building it.

I hear that Lori Jones is having surgery this week. I hope the court house can make it without you for a while. Lori is the wife of Darren Jones, Darren, you’re going to have to slow down and help Lori a little, until she is feeling better.

Talked to Ruth Bradshaw. She has been released from her doctor with her leg that has been a long time healing. She said her daughters, Leah Vaughan and Teresa Chadwell are taking turns staying with her and Leo at night time.

Violet Hinote, the wife of the late James Hinote, has been in the hospital very ill.

Happy birthday to James Sweet, 7th, 8th Bonnie Harris, Stacy McDaris on the 9th, 10th Bonita Raney, Summer Malone, Evan Hurt, Regina Hopper, 11th Robbie Stewart, 12th Jennifer Cottengim and 13th to Don Kelly, Jennifer Cottengim. Anniversaries were 7th Brandon and Kristy McIntosh, 8th Donald and JoEllen Crewse, Brandon and Mitzi Campbell, 9th David and Barb Gray and Robbie and Jessica Owens, 10th Shane and Sara Forrest, and Alan and Jessica Keeling, 11th Ron and Pat Cramer, Jeff and Lianne Bradshaw and 13th Glen and Glenda McKinley.

If you have any news, please contact me at 746-1112.

Fun Facts:

Doc VanNoy was the only Doc left in the area. He came in 1904 and died May 21, 1950. He worked in Norwood 46 years. They estimated 2,000 attended his funeral; largest crowd ever held at that time in Norwood.


Life is a test. It is only a test. Are you passing or are you failing?

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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