Mt. Tabor Church

We continue to pray for everyone on our list and all our church families and friends and neighbors. There are so many with serious problems, please let them know you care about them. Lloyd Shumate is not doing very well, at this time.

Brother Ric Englehardt was our speaker for both services this week and will be until further notice. We appreciate Ric and Lisa helping us out while we are without a pastor.

Our part of the country is still so much in need of rain, the danger of fire is very great, pray the Lord will soon send rain our way.

A reminder that Senior Camp will be held July 25-28, at Camp Piland, grades 7-12.

Mary Ann Hathcock has been very sick, was taken to ER one evening last week. Hopefully they have a correct diagnosis and she appears to be on the mend, however, very slowly. Martin’s brother, Clifton, of Illinois, has come to spend time with his sisters and brothers. Others visiting the group recently were Pernie Adams and Dennis, Jim Hathcock, Pat Smith, Ronda Soto and Ginny Lyons. Martin is still not up to par, either, pray for better health for both.

James Elliott visited Tom and Jewell Elliott, Saturday. Albert and Doris Elliott also visited, as did LeAnna Elliott.

Those visiting Bessie Hall as of late have been J.C. and Vicky, Jewell, Kim Clements, Kay Hutchison and Hellen Blakey. Bessie gets lots of phone calls and enjoys hearing from her friends and relatives.

Harold and Kay Hutchison returned Stephanie Mishler to her home in Carl Junction last Friday, after she spent several days visiting her grand parents on her vacation. They spent the weekend as guests of Jeff and Kristy Tackett of Joplin. Steven Tackett and Gary and Stephanie Mishler spent time with the Hutchisons and enjoyed visiting, playing games and sharing food.

Morgan Clements spent time visiting with his friend, Chance Dobbs, and family. The boys also visited Chance’s grandparents, Ray and Margie Dobbs.